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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Does Race REALLY count?
« on: March 18, 2004, 06:29:39 AM »
i totally hear ya on the emails, goking. i got so bombarded with emails before i went to a law school forum from about 20 schools (i saved them all, just to count, before i left for Chicago) so when i went to the forum, i checked a lot of the schools that sent me an email, out.

i hate to say this, but a lot of the admissions reps that were there just about lit up when they saw me like they'd never seen an actual minority student (or maybe hadn't seen one in awhile? lol) interested in what they had to say about their school. i'm always one for giving a school a fair shot if they spent enough time in trying to get me to come by their table.

of course the irony was that almost all of the other (and i HATE  >:( using this word, but will for society's sake :P) african-american students were basically huddled 'en masse' around howard and depaul. it just made me think 'and they sent out those emails to them for almost nothing.'

but it does make me think that these other schools are seriously hurting in the ethnic department, but not the diversity department. there are usually plenty of women who apply to schools and from what i've seen, a decent number that get in. of course you also see the occasional (right word?) minority student at those schools as well. i personally am not gonna apply to a school like howard because honestly, they don't have the program i'm looking for. and i know that even though i could try until the cows come home, my ethinc background's gonna play a significant factor when admissions committees are deciding between me and another person for entry.

but i think people have to remember that i'm also going up against asian, possibly middle-eastern and native-american, and definitely other (and here's that word i hate again...) african-american students as well as white students when i apply to ANY law school or just school's program period. honestly? i look forward to the challenge. ;)

thanks for letting me say my peace about this. :)

aj :)

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: How Many Years...
« on: March 17, 2004, 05:56:28 PM »

what kind of GPA did you have on your masters? and what kind of chem did you get your degree in? i'm thinking of getting my masters and then applying to law school (albeit mine would either be in bio, micro, or public health). have you tried any practice LSATs yet? just curious about your numbers. thanks and good luck to you!

aj :)

i went to today and found SOOO much info there, steele. i even found out that john marshall now has a law school down in atlanta as well as chicago!

but they do have a very good listing of schools with part time and evening programs so i'm sure some of those schools allow entry different times of the year. i only know that Cooley in MI offers summer, fall, or spring enrollment. i would definitely say to check out the website though.

good luck to you!

aj :)

hi new,

i was told by my pre-law advisor at school that if you don't have THE gpa or the LSAT to counter the bad GPA to get into a top school, then you should think about doing a master's degree and get at least a 3.5 avg. of course she also said that that it's not impossible to get into a law school either and that if you went for a good school w/one attribute being greater than the other, just try to explain why and how that makes you that much more of a better candidate for the school. but that's just advice from the adviser. hope that helps!

aj :)

Law School Admissions / Re: transferring
« on: March 17, 2004, 06:34:21 AM »
hi speck,

i'm not sure of how to 'answer' the question you posed to me. but if i'm reading it right, i can honestly say that i don't think there's much else i can do to better any kind of 'chances' i have. the only other possible course of action i could think of would be to maybe apply to the PT program at a higher tiered school (i.e. one i would've tried to transfer to; ex. DePaul) and see if i couldn't get my foot in the door that way.

oh! and before i forget! to kinda give you an idea of what i was thinking, lawstudent, i'm definitely NOT trying to get into any schools like GW, GU, Emory, etc. I want to go somewhere that I know I was learning in order to make a significant contribution to the practice of law; not to try and multitask in carrying a school's 'name/rep' along with trying to practice law.

i hope that answered your question, spec! :) thanks for your input guys! :)

This totally makes me feel ten times better reading this and knowing there are so many people in the same boat as me to a degree!

I've been taking care of my mom (she's disabled) for the past 10yrs while trying to finish my BS in bio (I'll FINALLY be done in August, yay!). I'm taking my LSAT in June as well and hope that my score will make up for my GPA which took a serious nose-dive a few years back.

But I wish everybody who's taking the test in June the best of luck and good luck in your applications for next year! I hope to see some more helpful hints here in the meantime. :)  Thanks!

Law School Admissions / transferring
« on: March 15, 2004, 07:38:49 PM »
hi everyone!

i was wondering what everybody thinks about transferring? i'm set to take the june lsat and w/my practice tests i'm running about a 161 on average. the problem is my undergrad gpa isn't gonna be as stellar as my LSAT score and i've been reading that schools go by the cum number they see from LSDAS? (is that correct, btw?) if that's true that'll help me a little but not much.

here's an example i'm thinking up. let's say that my LSDAS cum is 2.55 and i get a 167 on my LSAT score. if i applied to a 4th tier school and got accepted, was in the top 10% of my class, and wanted to go to a higher tiered school (that even had the specialty i was looking for), what do you think my chances would be?

thanks so much for your input! it's greatly appreciated!! have a great day!  :)

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