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General Board / ICLEO
« on: May 01, 2004, 12:19:20 PM »
are there any hoosiers here (or people who've moved to indiana) who've gone thru the icleo program in their pursuits of law school? i'm wondering if that's a plausible option for me right now. personally speaking, i think it would be a good starting point for me so i'm not totally surprised on my first day of classes and wouldn't suffer any kind of life altering trauma. lol!

either or...any thoughts?

Pointless Arguments / Re: Finished w/ the Big White female dog!!!!
« on: April 29, 2004, 12:45:46 AM »
i'd almost bet my supposed mom's welfare check on it...according to 'right winger'...or was that george bush jr...or was it...well, i can't seem to get the names right on ;)

General Board / Re: Should I stay???
« on: April 28, 2004, 07:29:52 PM »
stick it out, forum, especially if it's your first sememster. if it's your second? maybe you can make it up over the summer and at least get back into the top 40-50%! that way you'd be ready to take on the fall and get back up into that upper 15-25% by the time the summer associate positions start poppin' up. ;)

good luck to you!! ;D

Pointless Arguments / Re: Finished w/ the Big White female dog!!!!
« on: April 28, 2004, 07:26:40 PM »
then i wouldn't suggest reading the other thread by 'right winger' on here, otto. it's beyond sad what's there, and it was quite angering to me.  >:(  but this is america we live in where you have the right to almost say anything you daggome well please! what a reponsibility that is, eh? *sigh*  :-\

General Board / Re: Interview with my #1 l.s. choice Monday--advice?
« on: April 28, 2004, 07:23:48 PM »
if it comes up? remind them of why you want to be a part of their incoming class and don't just give'em what you think they wanna hear. it seems that this is their way of trying to get to know you because they WANT to get to know the person they're letting in which i wish more law schools would do! what an awesome opportunity for you! :)  good luck w/your interview! ;D

General Board / Re: Frustrated With Law School Rankings
« on: April 28, 2004, 07:18:52 PM »
it comes w/the territory, bugg. lol ;) no worries about the rank...i meannn...rantings. (lol!) ;D my advice to you? call the school yourself and talk to someone there and ask them about the #s published along with other things. for example, i was thinking that i wanted to go to NWern, right? but when i went to a law school forum? i was so ready to run far far FAR away from that school! i was even wishing they weren't in chicago of all places! that's my home housing a school like that! lol and besides, they'll be glad you talked to them and not just went based on what some magazine said.

good luck bugg. ;D

Thomas M. Cooley / Re: Attending Cooley
« on: April 28, 2004, 11:41:24 AM »
so then you're basically saying, lawgirl, that cooley was a good 'stepping stone' (not meaning to sound mean!) for you? i'm guessing you've only been there a semester or a year? thanks for all your insight you gave so far. i really appreciate it. :)

and evan? good luck w/that commute every weekend!! wow!! :o i definitely hope that this will make everything you want to do come to fruition. best of luck to you! :)

General Board / Re: Frustrated With Law School Rankings - Help!!!
« on: April 28, 2004, 11:35:29 AM »
i wanted to know what school you're at now, but i'm not sure i want to drudge up anymore bad feelings for ya. but i do have some light at the end of your tunnel! depending on which state you're in and which firms you're looking at, what a lot of them look at are really your grades and your activities and what you tried to 'accomplish' so-to-speak in law school.

i worked for a big national firm here in phx a year ago and i asked one of the recruiters what they looked for in law students when they were hiring for either summer or perm positions. she said the main thing she looked at were grades, then activities (i.e. law review, moot court, etc.), then the school you went to although she truthfully told me they do look at rankings. but when i left in the summer (i was only doing a paid internship in a policy group w/in the firm), one of the summer clerks they had just hired was from a T4 on the east coast. also i was just looking at a firm in chicago's web site and i was seeing a lot of people from a regional T4 school in a big firm. so i hope this makes you feel better! :)


General Board / Re: A Horror Story not for the Faint of Heart....!
« on: April 28, 2004, 11:26:26 AM » know? that doesn't sound bad at all. lol!!

i guess it just boils down to who teaches what and can make it understandable and interesting for ya. :)

*thanks dr. rose. ;) *

General Board / rolling admits
« on: April 28, 2004, 11:23:41 AM »
hey guys...

does anybody know where i could go to find schools that admit in spring and/or summer as well as fall? any info would be greatly appreciated! thanks! ;D

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