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Assuming you were practicing in Chicago is there a strong correlation between size of a law firm and salary?  Is so, what would be the approx. salaries for law firms at the following breakpoints:



163/3.2 gpa... tier 1 private school, poli sci major, 1 year work experience, lots of volunteering.

rejected from bu, fordham pt, gw pt, and minnesota

waitlisted at wash u, emory, and iowa.

where should i apply this fall? i obviously did not have enough (or any) safety schools...

With those numbers did you happen to knock over a liquor store or something?  163 should have gotten you in to Iowa.  Otherwise your question is way to general, where do you want to live after you graduate what do you want to do?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Visiting Urbana-Champaign
« on: May 03, 2006, 07:09:15 AM »
For those of you who knows Urban Champaign, is the area near Bradley Ave. a bad neighborhood?  Most of the cheap houses I am considering right now is located in that area near the train.  I wonder whether it is the train that lowered the property value or it is something else, like crime or age of the house...

It's certainly not the nicest area of town.  You would probably want to check it out and see how comfortable you will feel.  If you're planning on getting a house and having a car, I would recommend going further east into Urbana or south into Savoy instead of the Bradley Ave. area.  However, the Bradley Ave. area you speak of is, I believe, towards the edge of the "shadier" areas of town, if that helps. 

Urbana seem expensive, more so than Champaign.  I will need to check out Savoy though.  I don't mind going a little farther away from school as I will have a car.  How bad is the Bradley Ave. area? Do I have to expect to lose money if I buy a house in that area?  Right now I would rather buy a cheaper house in a bad area than an expensive house in good area, because I would have to pay a lot more money on the mortgage if I buy a house that is too expensive, any gain in value would probably be off set by the additional interest cost. 

I have a friend who bought a place and now can't sell it off.  Seriously reconsidering "BUYING" a house in an area you have no interest in staying for longer than 5 years.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: My trip to Iowa
« on: May 03, 2006, 07:07:30 AM »
Iowa city is really cute; Kent has me deferred?? Seriously people, it's may, make up your mind. I can think of ten million more things I would rather do this summer than wait for waitlists and deferrals :)

Would you go to Kent if they took you off their Deferral list? If so, why?

More than likely, no. Outside of cost of living, which as a single woman I can't justify, I want to do Biotech IP; it makes so much more sense for me to be at a school that is a major research institution like Iowa. My law school path will probably be a little less than typical....Iowa seems to be ok with that, CK seems WAY too concerned with rankings and such and my friends that went there say that their students are ridiculously competitive. I mean, law school IS competitive but I need to feel SOME sort of collegiate atmosphere.

I just wish I would have applied to more schools!

Why would it matter if the law school is attached to a major research institution?

It wouldn't necessarily matter for someone wanting to do IP, but I anticipate that I will continue my research and science education so for ME I want to be at a research institution; maybe I should have worded that differently

Kent has a good IP program, that's what they do so if that's what you're interested in then you're in good shape. That's why I applied to there and didn't apply anywhere else in Chicago, not even NU.

But how much time would you have to do research and science education during law school?  Were you planning on doing some after law school?  Are you going to try to do a joint JD/PHD?

I may...more than likely I will do a Masters in Biochem or Molecular Biology. I'm keeping the option of research my second year open; I've got a slightly different career focus and I think that research and an advanced degree might really help.

Why so much concern ?  :) You seem to be "testing" my decision

Testing?  No, although it does seem a little weird but hey, you know what's best for you. Although obviously I'm going to cheerlead for you to go to a Chicago school, because you know...Chicago rocks. :)

As to not knowing to go or not....that's a different story. :)

Slightly offtopic,

As I was looking through a lot of data on various websites I've seen that Iowa doesn't place many graduates in Chicago firms.  In fact, the name I see pop up the most (besides T14 and Illinois) is Loyola, DePaul and Kent.  I'm starting to think I should be going to Kent... not sure if anyone else has seen this phenomenon.

I appreciate the data from this research.  I think I'm tilting towards Chicago-Kent instead of Iowa.  It would surely be easier to live in Chicago. 

It seems awkward to go to a much lower ranked school but the data seems to support that Kent places their student in good positions in Chicago while Iowa does not place.

Choosing the Right Law School / Local vs. reputation
« on: May 02, 2006, 07:14:51 PM »
Curious if anyone has more opinions on whether someone who graduates from U of Iowa or Chicago-Kent law will be more likely to get a job in Chicago... preferably big law.  I'm getting 10k from Kent.  Assume nothing else is important except for the prospect of future employment.  Kent obviously has location while Iowa has a superior reputation.

NALP results show that Iowa/Kent are roughly equal in firms interviewing.  However, Iowa has many more firms outside of Chicago hiring.

totally understandable, good luck

However, DePaul is an excellent law school.

why not depaul??

Because while I'm not complete a rankings whore I understand the importance of reputation.  Loyola and Kent (whether they deserve it or not) get fewer law school visits than Depaul.

so i got the email on friday about them reviewing wl applicants later this week and just saw that 2 ppl were made offers on lsn yesterday

Loyola can go screw they waitlisted me...  I'm going to Iowa or Kent :P

Neither the three years in law school nor two in a graduate program would be about the traditional use-value of a JD/MA for me.  (fwiw, no, my parents have not and will not fund my education.)

Hmm... I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on the goal of getting an education.  I kind of always thought that it was to get a job.  As intelligent people, it should darn near be an obligation to use your time wisely and work hard in life.  What do you guys think? 

Agree with both your previous comments, that getting a degree from a good school is important, which is exactly what I was saying earlier.  I also think that the point ofgoing to school is to get a good job.

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