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Washington state

Did you live overseas for awhile though?  Where does an American's interest in soccer come from?

vegscottemite, you're Australian I take it?

I'm so excited about it I don't know what to do with myself.  :D

Where are you from?

Depends what type of Brit accent, IMO.

I've never set foot in England, but I can make out at least three just from TV and movies... Queen's English, Cockney, and Nothern.  Queen's English is the standard, "Bond, JAMES Bond" stereotype.  Cockney and Nothern make up practically all characters in Guy Ritchie films. 

One of my favorite Ritchie moments was is "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels", after the enforcer guy finishes meeting the two goofball thugs to contract a job.  One party walks away muttering, "Nothern monkeys!", while the other party is quietly exclaiming, "I hate these Southern fairies!"... each in completely distinguishable accents.  I thought it was neat how in England, the Southerners are stereotyped as more cosmopolitan and the Northerners stereotyped as ignorant clods.  It's the exact opposite as the U.S., just like driving in the wrong lane and not brushing teeth!


Anti-Inferusist!  Ha!  :P

When you're from the South (especially Florida) southern accents are actually not sexy at all!

That's not entirely true.  Having lived in Georgia almost all my life, I can easily distinguish between four or five different accents from my home state alone (the two Carolinas sound alike to me, as do Alabama and Mississippi).  There are some southern variants that I really like, and others that I don't. 

I love a genteel, coastal, Savannah accent (think "Gone With The Wind", or Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in "Tombstone").  At the same time I'm really turned off by north Georgia hillbilly (as in "You sure got uh purty mouth!" from "Deliverance"), and I'm mildly negative toward south Georgia redneck (as in NASCAR commentator Jeff Hammond).

Actually though, I think this entire subject would be more interesting if it were split up by gender.  The accents I find pleasant-sounding coming from a dude are entirely different from those I find attractive from a woman.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: anyone pass the patent bar?
« on: May 10, 2006, 12:38:26 PM »
HI I will be a 1L and i read that you shoudl take the patent bar before your first year is over.

What was your undergrad major?  There are very strict requirements for who can even attempt the exam.  I have a B.S. in Computer Science, and even I'm having to take an evening class at a local college this summer to get 4 more hours of physics on my transcript.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Do You Believe in God?
« on: May 10, 2006, 09:53:51 AM »
"Intellectual masturbation" -- the most wildly appropriate term on the face of the planet to describe what's happening here.

Nah... masturbation implies a solo activity.  The most appropriate description would be to say that LitDoc and mugatu are 69'ing... with you standing to the side, kindly lighting scented candles and offering them flavored lube.

I don't work in government, but let's just say that demand for my industry won't be diminishing anytime soon... so downsizing isn't an issue.  People get fired only if they're sucky... since I've been here, the only person canned was my last boss, who was utterly incapable of dealing with people.  She also skipped all the office social functions, which was definitely noticed.

You are illustrating my point.  You work in an environment where job security is not an issue, enabling people to work and function in ways entirely different than where job security IS an issue.  I come from the field of software engineering, where tsumani-like boom and bust cycles and enormous waves of layoffs are daily facts of life.  It leads to a different perspective you might want to think about.

It's great to have solid personal relationships with the people who work for you.  However, it's more important to maintain (through responsible boundaries) a careful separation between the "personal" and "professional" sides of those relationships.  That is because a "professional relationship" often involves having to make decisions that can strain or destroy a "personal relationship", and the inverse is true as well.  This is why nepotism is universally condemned as an unprofessional, "Bad ThingTM".

When everything is roses with your professional environment, it's a natural temptation to relax those boundaries and worry more about people "skipping social functions".  However, if the business circumstances or economic winds blow in a different direction, it can be CATASTROPHIC for your professional and personal relationships if you've casually built them like straw huts on a sandy beach.  Start downsizing, and you'll get a more honest assement of how sincere those personal relationships really are.

Of course, we're both being extremists.  My career history makes me the professional equivalent of a desert nomad, hardened by the stuggle for survival and always ready for war with a neighbor.  Your job experiences makes you like a carefree member of the royal court, dining among the King and Queen with a fur robe and giant turkey leg in hand.  Up and downs in the legal profession may not be as severe as what I'm used to, but they do occur and are more severe than that to which you're accustomed.  The most healthy perspective is probably somewhere in between where you and I are currently.

Jeez, I'm glad I don't work for you!  Are you in the military?  Not all offices are this strictly hierarchal, and frankly, it makes it more fun to go to work when everyone is friendly with each other.  My second-to-last boss was one of my best friends... this actually led to me working harder, because I admired her and wanted to impress her. 

That's awesome... in a government agency or large corporate beauracracy that can't be outsourced or downsized (H.R.?), some kind of environment where job security is infinite and nobody has to potentially make decisions that could hurt the "fun" that their "best friends" are having.  However, for the other 99.99% of office environments, where you may have to lay-off people or make other unpleasant decisions, it makes things easier for everybody to maintain a level of professional boundaries and avoid any disingenuous blurring of the lines.

Geeze, I'm not saying you should be the "Dilbert" boss and stop acting like a human being.  I'm just saying look at Steve Carrell's character in "The Office", most of the humor in that show comes comes from situations created by his inability to maintain boundaries.  A boss who tries to be people's best friend is no better than a parent who tries to be their kid's best friend rather than their parent.  You end up freaked out that an underling might (gasp!) suspect you'll leave the company someday.

I got that from my assistant at work today (I am leaving in July for school, but nobody here knows it yet). I did a not-very-convincing job of saying "no, do you have any specific concerns, blah blah blah."

I'm confused.  It's mid-May right now.  If you're leaving in July, and plan to give up to three weeks notice before you leave, then you're talking about treading water for about 6 weeks or so.  Hell, I could go undercover as a cardio-thorasic surgeon and last 6 weeks before they kick me out!  If you have a nosy colleague, you truthfully say you're "dealing with some personal issues" and let people gossip all they want.  It's 6 weeks, who cares? 

It sounds like you fraternize too much at work and have issues in maintaining boundaries.  If a direct-report of MINE had the balls to make a comment like that to my face, their stint with the company would be shorter than mine!  Of course, I would never let a relationship with a subordinate reach that kind of informal comfort level in the first place.  It blows my mind that you're worried about explaining yourself to a direct-report, and feeling intimidated by them.

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