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Please stop, everybody.  I'm really sorry to have started this thread.

I scrolled back through the site until around the time of the October 2004 scores being released, and the first posts about people getting their scores didn't appear until after 6:00 pm EST.  I'm going to give up on watching the site every five minutes and just try to get some work done (as best I can), my email client will alert me as messages come in.

You created an account for that?
Haha... no, of course not!  I just found this board this morning when I heard it mentioned on another law student chat site.  Maybe a gripe isn't the best first-impression to make, and I'm generally a laid-back tolerant guy... but my nerves are really on edge too and those posts about calling the LSAC directly just really bugged me.

If the LSAC starts getting innundated with phone calls about early reporting dates on scores, the most effective means I can think of for handling that is to stop releasing scores early... so that the word gets out that the published date REALLY is the date and people have no motivation to bother them.  Granted, I doubt they would change their plans for this June test... but you could be screwing future test-takers.  All in all, it's REALLY a b*tch-move no matter how you slice it. 

I just can't imagine what must be going through the mind of someone silly enough to call the LSAC on the phone and beg for reporting date information... do you REALLY think they're going to tell you anything?

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