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General Off-Topic Board / Re: Sandra Day O'Connor
« on: July 01, 2005, 10:42:15 AM »
NO!!! my wife and i just had our friggin weekend ruined, not that we love o'connor, just hate whomever is going to take her place :( dear god help us all!!

how the heck are you all surviving until law school? you see i have this thing called rent, health insurance, groceries, gas, etc etc. i am done august 1st only cause my wife is starting her new job after the bar exam. well back to work

gonna be insane for my wife and me. she is going to be  a lawyer here in austin, so i am either going to commute (probably not), or live in waco mon-fri afternoon and come back. trying to figure out how to live through that hell. any suggestions?  :) well i guess i will just figure it out and hope she finds something in waco or i transfer to ut. full ride at baylor and not accepted at ut? ya thats insane...

the baylor one is kinda good/kinda sucky. the worst is its prescription coverage. with its up in lifetime cap it isnt too bad though, too bad my prescriptions cost over 500 a month. but i am doing cobra through my work, 350 for just me, but cheaper than my medicine would be. we are getting private for my wife, probably blue cross blue shield.

sorry to say most suck ass when it comes to pre-existing conditions. i looked at a few, either declined me or had a waiver for my condition (unacceptable). so i am going to have to go with cobra (offered by jobby job). it is good for 18 months. if you are declined by a bunch of them your state may offer "high risk" insurance which sucks ass. it is the great nation of usa that has no insurance! wee hoo!

bear grounds sounds awesome, but not open on sat's and no one bedrooms left. i think i have found some places to look at. my wife is going to be busy with barbri all weekend so i will be up there looking around.

thanks for the advice. i am going up to waco either sat. or next tues. and will just have to look around for cheap places that dont completely scare the crap out of me. wish me luck!

Interesting board my friends... I am looking for a place as well, moving up there as late as possible in august, probably not until the 15th or later. I want close and cheap as hell, I will only be there Mon-Thurs and the rest of the time in Austin. Any suggestions

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