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Hey guys!

I'm here, parents in tow. 

Ques -- for people w/ cars, what's the deal w/ parking? What are you guys doing?

Any leads, advice is much appreciated.


eeek I arrive tomorrow.

weekend nights anyone?

When are all the other summer starters getting to AA?  and when are we hitting up the bars?

I arrive Fri. Immediately!

I arrive in one week, parents in tow!

What are you doing nights?

I didnt go to ASW, so I'm wondering...what time do the bars in Ann Arbor close?

I think the answer is 2 am, legally.  Which is rather early, so I see a fair amount of postgaming in my future.

Yeah, it's 2am here in PA also...gotta do the late night party.

or start earlier...

Gengis!! How's it going? Are you in bizarro world?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: "My Rich Uncle"
« on: May 17, 2007, 05:01:17 PM »
I interviewed for a position at MRU -- they are very real, very smart, and surprisingly gorgeous!

The two founders are NYU grads.

The snack bar ladies told me that they're open this summer. You all will learn that this is fantastic news.

I've been trying to wean myself off of grilled cheese, though, so I'll probably pack a lunch most days.

My (now 2L) friend tried to woo me to Michigan with the promise of delicious $1 grilled cheese.

I must admit it was a very hard sell.

sb, we share a non asw facebook friend!

I think the LC is closed for the summer but some students not living there got meal plans - but few.  Most of us brought food or went out, more often bringing food to save money.  Once fall starts you'll have lunch events with food nearly everyday.  Summer may have some, Stacy might know.  The snackbar is pretty hoppin' during the fall/winter, but I imagine the nice summer weather lends itself more to picnics on the quad.

Yeah, thats what I figured...Bring lunch and go out every once in awhile.

I'm with you. no friday classes, right?!


you're on your own man, save for orientation.

gengis, are you ready?! aaah.

sorry if it's been answered, but what's the deal w/ off-campus parking?

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