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Transferring / Re: Pepperdine transfer v. another school
« on: July 24, 2006, 12:21:24 PM »
So I finally have been accepted to Pepperdine as a 2L.  What to do?  While the School I go to is lower ranked, and less known, I love it here.  I did very well academically and this upcoming year have been offered to be the TA for two classes, invited onto Law Review and the other Journal and most importantly, I know all of the students who are great friends!

So I wonder, is giving up all of this worth it for a transfer to the gorgeous school of Pepperdine?  I would have to start over - friends, no law review, have to work to figure out the profs etc. can't put TA on my resumes....

I think I know what i'm going to do - just wanted to throw the question out there!

Can I ask which school you transferred from? If you don't feel comfortable posting it here, would you mind PM'ing it to me? I think I'd have better advice for you if I knew exactly which other so cal law school you were coming from.

« on: July 20, 2006, 06:31:19 PM »
Don't get a roller, only the gunners and weirdo's use rollers.

What bags do you recommend? I don't want to the roller ones but I'm not sure what the other options are...

Current Law Students / Re: Whittier Law School?
« on: July 17, 2006, 03:16:08 PM »
It's probably the second best school in OC, Chapman being the best. Lots of Whittier students end up working in the public sector (public defender, district attorney).

Current Law Students / When should one start LEEWS?
« on: July 17, 2006, 11:08:49 AM »
For those of you that have gone through it - what's the best way/time to use the program?  Should I go through it now, before school starts?  Or should I wait a bit into the semester? 

Current Law Students / Re: Black's Legal Dictionary
« on: July 12, 2006, 03:59:38 PM »
I have both the large hard copy one (gift from co-workers) and the small pocket sized one. I figure I can carry the pocket sized one with me at school/lbrary & I can use the large one at home.

Anyone else have any imput on this? I will be leaving my 8-5 job this week and starting law school in August. For those of you who left your jobs to go to law school, how did law school compare to your job (in terms of amount of stress, work etc)?

My advice is donít plan on it. I hate to be a downer but in order to transfer to a T14, you will need to be in the top 10% of your class, which by definition means that you are in the minority. There is no way to tell at the outset whether you have what it takes to be in the top 10% since it is relative to how well your other classmates perform. Think of it this way, you have a 10% chance of being successful enough after your first year to transfer to a T14. Ten percent!! That certainly isnít a number that inspire confidence. While it obviously isnít impossible, it isnít a bet that I would take.

If you truly feel that BigLaw is what you would be almost exclusively happy doing, I would suggest that you wait a year and reapply. Whatís the rush after all if itís the only thing that you can see yourself doing? In the meantime, you should try to make your app stronger, e.g., re-take the LSAT and take a study prep course if you havenít already, maybe get a masterís degree (which generally always give out As), even better, do it abroad, get some more work experience under your belt (esp. if you are under 25).

Bottom line: Donít count on transferring. If the career options that Santa Clara has to offer are not satisfactory, donít go. Wait and re-apply.

What about transferring from Santa Clara to a higher ranked tier 2 school like Loyola, USD or something? Is that more feasible or still very difficult?

i stuck to a system of high-tailing it to the library immediately after my last class for the day, and doing all of my reading/briefing/outlining until i was finished for the night, at which point i went home and fell asleep.  it sucked during the week, but for the most part my weekends were wide open once i was finished on friday.  i could use my spare weekend time to review anything i felt needed the extra look, though i spent most of it relaxing.

regarding "studying," in the usual sense of the word, i didn't do much of that until about a month before finals.  my library time during the semester was spent doing the assigned readings and briefing the cases involved.  writing assignments were what jumbled my schedule a little, but nothing overbearing.

hope that ramble helps a little.

That does help a lot! Thanks for your response. :) Did you find it easy to study at your school's law library or were you constantly running into classmates & chatting with them? Would you recommend studying some place where you are less likely to see & run into your classmates?

For us soon-to-be-1Ls, it would be nice to hear what type of schedules former 1Ls implemented. When did you study? Where? For how many hours? What study schedule(s) worked for you, what didn't? Did you spend a nearly equal amount of time on each class? Describe a typical weekday. How did you spend your weekends?

If some of you can describe your schedules during 1L, that would be very helpful for us.

Thank you!   :)

Current Law Students / Microsoft OneNote - yay or nay?
« on: April 13, 2006, 10:50:34 AM »
A guy at work is selling Microsoft OneNote for $20. I've heard some people mention that they use it as their note taking program for law school. Those of you who have it/use it, do you find it useful (would you reccomend it)?

Any insight would be wonderful.

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