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Sure, I'll definitely let you all know how the open house goes.
I'm from St. Paul but currently in Texas .. so will be a nice trip home for me.  Thinking of heading to Wisc. too for their weekend open house.
Commuting to St.T is a good option .. a great thing about St.T is that they have a parking garage directly connected to the law school building.  From what I have seen it's $200 for a semester .. best deal in town .. but don't quote me!  I used to take the bus to UMN too - public transportation is not as good as other larger cities but the bus system is OK.  Also,  I am sure you can find some nice townhome rentals in nearby suburbs for decent prices, all depends on the complex, really.

BTW, I am going to the March 3rd open house .. anyone else?

Thanks for that comparison, jvan.

To all considering St.T:  It's great to know it is fully accredited now, but what are your thoughts on the rather large number of required upper level courses?  6 additional required courses as opposed to maybe 2 at other schools.  It seems to me these courses are good for passing the bar, anyways.  Any other thoughts, likes, dislikes?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Notre Dame "provisional list"
« on: February 14, 2006, 04:04:04 PM »
I guess you can add me to this as well.  I got an email saying my recent "decision" letter (which I haven't gotten yet) didn't contain an enclosure.  Reading the "enclosure" they attached it looks like I am on the provisional list (It was a FAQ-type thing for the provisional list).  meh.

I don't know anything about these schools, but the choice seems clear.  anyone considering a provisionally approved school (know matter how wealthy the school is), over a well established school in the region, is cracked. no offense meant. this is your future.  go with the sure thing.  provisionally approved means no alumni yet!!!  alumni are important.

Not that I am ending up at St.Thomas, but get your facts straight before you post.  Oh, and trying to sway people to your side of an argument by attacking/putting down those the other side probably isn't going to work on a law school board  ::)

1) St.Thomas graduated its first class in 2004
2) St.Thomas is a very well-established school in the region
3) Provisionally approved schools have all the benefits of fully approved
4) They already have many ties with firms in the TC
5) They have already applied for full approval and a decision by the ABA is expected following the 2005-2006 academic year .. so by the time people here start, they just may be fully approved!


Actually, WM dropped down to tier 4 this year.

Ahhhh...that's not good!  Do you know if it seems to be declining in prestige still or was it a fluke?

I really have no idea - I don't see much difference bewtween the tier3/4 schools myself, though.
WM's goal is for their students to pass the bar.  One thing to add at this point is that St. Thomas already boasts a higher bar passage rate than both WM and Hamline, at least according to them.  But if you can't trust the "ethics" law school, who can you trust!?  Their employment rate was very high as well, but not really sure where they are all working.
Someone also said that the first thing you see when you walk in the building is the chapel - not accurate.  There is a prayer/meditation room when you enter from the parking garage/skyway, but you don't "see" it because it's behind a door.  The main entrance opens to a huge foyer, with the courtroom on the right, the library on the left, and offices straight ahead.

I would take WM over Hamline or St. Thomas any day. The only exception would be if you were offerred a full-ride from one of the other schools and *KNEW* you wanted to seek a  low-paying public interest job after graduation. Like a public defender position, or a legal aid clinic job, for example.

WM has been around a lot longer than either of the other schools, it's alumni network is more extensive, and more local employers recruit from the school.

Forget about what you think any given school's ranking will be in 5, 10, or 20 years. Look at what the school's regional reputation is now.

For more info, look at,, and the US News and ABA employment stats.

I completely agree. 

The hard part is that I know St. Thomas is on their way up...however, what good will it do me if I can't get a job.  Know what I mean?  Also, since they didn't offer me any $$$ I don't have a financial reason for going there.  I know that WM has stayed pretty consistent in their ranking, but anyone know if there is a chance that they will actually go down?  That would be the only thing that would sway me.

Thanks again all!

Actually, WM dropped down to tier 4 this year.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wash Lee vs. GW
« on: February 05, 2006, 01:48:05 PM »
Looking at that list, it appears that it is not totally complete.  Specifically, many of the firms listed have only one location listed, but was interviewing for multiple offices.  For example, Jones Day is listed as Atlanta, but that interviewer was also interviewing for the DC, Columbus, and NYC offices.  Alston & Bird is listed as Atlanta and DC, but we had several students go to their Charlotte office.  Kirkpatrick & Lockhart is listed as DC, but I know of at least one person that worked in their Boston office.  You get the picture.  In general, most firms with several locations will send an interviewer from the closest office (usually DC, ATL, or Richmond for W&L) but will be interviewing for all the offices, in that if the interviewer likes the candidate and the candidate expresses an interest in a different office, the interviewer will recomend the candidate to that office.  I think thats probably how it works for most schools.  I have no clue why that page lists multiple locations for some firms and, incorrectly, only one location for other firms.  But, you can get a better idea by actually following the link to the firm's website and see where it has offices.

Thanks for the info!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wash Lee vs. GW
« on: February 05, 2006, 09:42:59 AM »
I've been interested in the W&L career prospects as well and have done a lot of reading on the topic.  This list from their website shows who came to a fall 2005 on-campus career fair:
Quite a few from DC,VA, and NC but even had a few from misc places.  I'm not from the SE and probably would not want to end up anywhere south of Virginia, but not gonna close any doors just yet.

Hey all!  Thank you so much for the great thoughts :)

The two schools both have great qualities, but are so different.  I plan on attending WMs Admitted Students day in March which I think will help.  Any of you going?

From what I understand from people in the area, WM is more highly regarded, but St. Thomas is definitely on the way up the rankings.  The real question for me is will it gain enough momentum by the time I graduate?  I was looking at the Martindale Website and saw that 26 employers recruit at WM whereas only one recruited at St. Thomas last year.  Hmmmmmm.  Tough choices!

The religous side of S.T. doesn't bother me that much.  I went to their open house in November and even the current students (when asked) were not Catholic and said that it hadn't affected them. 

Lots to think about!

To the question on Hamline v WM...I found that the two were pretty even as far as stats, flexibility of programs, etc., but that WM definitely had the lead in reputation.  Any thoughts from the rest of you on that?

Thanks again for the input  ;D

WM is also located in a *much* nicer area of St. Paul

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