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Truthfully, it didn't give me anything too terrifically earth-shattering, and some of the advice I flat-out can't use! For instance, the LEEWS approach is about issue-spotting, and not every exam is an issue-spotting exam. The LEEWS program will tell you that you can adapt their approach to any sort of exam, but that isn't true. If the biggest question on your Contracts exam tells you to write a contract.... well, LEEWS won't help. If your Property exam asks you to write conveyances for X that will allow him to keep control of the property while he is alive, give immediate possessory rights upon his death to his son, give delayed possessory rights to his daughter until she graduates from law school, and provides a steady source of income for his niece, all while avoiding probate... LEEWS won't help. And if you have a professor that despises the issue-spotting approach to exam-taking so much that he will sink instructions into the last quarter of his exam instructing you NOT to discuss personal jurisdiction with regards to A or B... LEEWS will hurt you. That's just my take on it, so take it with a grain of salt... and a shot of tequila. Exams are over!!! ;D

Edited to add: The major exercise in the LEEWS program is a torts problem, and for good reason- I will TOTALLY use this approach for TORTS! I can't imagine a torts exam that is anything other than an issue-spotter, and the sheer mass of confusion that such an exam presents would make the approach worthwhile. So I mispoke when I said it wasn't useful... it's just not universally useful.

I probably wouldn't do LEEWS again. It's great for some people... it's great for some classes.... just didn't work for ME or my classes! At my school, they will literally crucify you for not using IRAC, so the many books that I got on how to take law school exams were a total waste of money, since they all claim to be revolutionary by turning IRAC on it's head. Law-in-a-Flash for Future Interests is an absolute MUST, no point in the set for Contracts. I really like Examples and Explanations, snd will probably always use them when they are available. I like to use them right before I start a new section, just to get the "big picture", and then again when I'm done with a section and outlining, just to make sure I'm clear. I also really like Crunchtime. I'll go to the coffee shop the day before the exam, go over the "Exam tips" section (all the tricks and pitfalls to look out for... saved my butt a few times!) and do all the exercises. Oh, and if your legal writing prof is utterly worthless (like mine), get "Legal Writing in Plain English" by Bryan A. Garner.

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Then I'm probably wrong, since I am not a native. I think lunch/coffee on orientation day is a good idea. Listen, I've gone and misplaced the orientation schedule. Can anyone bail me out? I hate it when I do this.

Opera- are you in town yet?

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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Baylor (full ride) vs UT
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Just to be the voice of dissent, I took the full-ride at Baylor over UT. Keeping the scholarship is not as hard as others on this board would lead to believe. I haven't lost it yet, and I'm far from a genius. Baylor is on the quarter system, so I'm almost-a-3L right now, and I didn't have any trouble finding a summer internship in Austin (I'm at the TCEQ... interested in environmental law). Breaking into the Austin market is not hard for Baylor-ites. Further, everyone who finds out that I'm a Baylor student has consistently commented on the fact that Baylor turns out stellar lawyers. I'm no exception.  ;D  Baylor is a really, really tough place to be. I'm glad I went, and I wouldn't do it differently... especially since the traffic in Austin is AWFUL and only getting worse every day! ARGH! I'm actually closer to Austin than I am to Waco, but it takes me nearly twice as long to get there because of the all the roadwork.

Another consideration is that UT in-state tuition is not nearly as good as it was a couple of years ago. Tuition and fees in-state are still $20K+ per year. Cheaper than other law schools (including Baylor), but still $60K in tuition alone when you're done. Compare that to a full-ride at Baylor. My total law school debt load will be under $45K when I'm done. I'm living on student loans. If you're in a position to support yourself, you could come out debt-free! With the recent interest rate hike, that tuition will cost you more than double once you're done paying it back. I don't think it's crazy to consider the bottom line... I think it's crazy not to.

Law School Admissions / Re: Baylor cheating on rankings? (article)
« on: June 29, 2006, 06:18:25 PM »
Oh, my gawd... just get over it.  This isn't even yesterday's news... the bird who crapped on the paper that broke this "story" is already dead. Yes, Baylor only reported their fall numbers.  University of Houston only reported thair full-time day students.  MANY law schools have multiple entering classes.  USNWR only looks at fall numbers. It's a dirty little "secret" that everyone already knows. Deal with it.


It burned down when the staff came under siege by the feds a few years back.

(man that was low)

that's the other thing. the democrats might get back in power again, lay siege to baylor and set it on fire. or try to gerrymander it into a blue zone.

Technically already in a blue zone. Waco is located on one of those rare patches of Texas dirt: a congressional district represented by a well-liked, multiply-re-elected DEMOCRAT named Chet Edwards. Isn't that bizarre??

I would like to point out that Baylor has fallen to 9th place in Princeton Review's "Heritage Foundation" rankings. My liberal friends and I are doing our level best to ensure that it falls off that particular listing completely by 2007. We have yet to be drawn and quartered, or even sanctioned and threatened with loss of scholarship $$$, for vocally supporting gay marriage and the right to choose. It's not as oppressive as is popularly believed. We even have *gasp* GAY students... out and proud, and doing their part to bring tolerance to every corner of the universe.

They have openly gay students at the school and they don't expel them? But they will expel a girl for getting pregnant outside of marriage? They did that this year didnít they?

Dear Lord, no. Where on earth did you hear that? The law school is separate and apart from the rest of the campus. Because it IS Baylor, they have a mission statement... that gets lip-service, and has no real teeth. There really are openly-gay students, and the administration knows about it. They don't "tolerate" it... they really don't care. Why should they? There are co-habitating couples, divorcees, and people who openly use birth control. It's really not the dungeon everyone seems to think it is.

As for Chet, you gotta give the guy some credit for walking the line. I know him personally, and he picks his fights... wisely. He just knows when to stand up and when to stand down, and I admire him for it. On "big ticket", traditionally democratic items, he does not back off.

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