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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Preliminary grant award from UCLA
« on: February 23, 2006, 02:45:53 PM »
Need Access application

Did you complete this with your initial law school application or after you were accepted?

Surprisingly, I just completed the Need Access form this past Sunday.  Quick turnaround time on UCLA's part.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Preliminary grant award from UCLA
« on: February 23, 2006, 02:08:06 PM »
Just got an e-mail from UCLA, got about $6,200 a year.  It looks like this is exclusively need-based money, based on the Need Access application.


 By being white, you're already given certain advantages, yet no one expects a white guy to say, "I got in because I'm white."

of the many advantages that there are to being white, are there any in the law school admissions process?

You're just begging me to repeat myself, aren't you? Okay, hun, I'll do it and please read carefully bc I really don't want to do it again. It's getting a bit tired.


We agree, correct?

Now, let's pick up a thesaurus. "Non-underrepresented" is the equivalent of "majority" and/or "fully and/or over-represented." Wouldn't you say that's an advantage?

Just curious...why is that an advantage?  Do you really think that adcomms pick up a white guy's file and say, "Well, he's white, and they ARE the majority in this country.  Welcome aboard!"  And it's not like your typical adcomms are northern Idaho neo-Nazi white supremacist types, either.  So where is this supposed advantage coming from?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: US News Ranking 2007 Predictions
« on: February 23, 2006, 10:42:40 AM »
1. Duke
2. UTexas
3. Vanderbilt
4. Emory
5. Tie - UNC, Wake Forest
7. Tulane

1. UChicago
2. Michigan
3. Northwestern
4. Tie - WashU, Notre Dame
5. Minnesota
6. Tie - UIUC, UIowa
8. Wisconsin

1. UVA
2. Penn
3. Georgetown
4. George Washington
5. Tie - W&M, W&L

2. USC
3. USD

1. Yale
2. Harvard
3. Columbia
4. NYU
5. Cornell
6. Boston College
7. Tie - BU, Fordham
8. Cardozo

I would change your southwest column to a "west column"



Sorry, but I don't think there's any way USD should be ranked above schools like BYU and Arizona...

I suggest a trip to the lower-class sections of Brooklyn or the South Bronx. Pay particular attention to youngsters attitudes in regard to education. I believe you may change your stance on AA. At this point, the steps necessary to change this cycle of poverty must start at the judicial level. 

So who are we to fault for the attitudes of the urban youth with respect to education--the "social obstacles" supposedly set in place by the founding fathers over 200 years ago, or their family, friends, pop culture, etc.?

but I have a horrible question. From the schools I have visited, there are noticeable differences between the intelligence level of the students....

Does anyone else factor this in when deciding where to go? At first I didn't notice...but after visiting different schools, I began to realize I would probably be quite annoyed at some of the questions at some of the schools I have visited....

Anyone else like this or am I just a prick? Lol

Think of it this way--all of the schools you've been accepted to are great options, but if you attend the one where your classmates are the least intelligent, you come out looking like a superstar!   ;)

Here is my career:

I'm a CPA and I work at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in the New York City office.  My title is Senior Associate, I have a couple of people under me and I make in the mid 60's (although I am probably worth 75 -80k in the market right now).  I do a lot of tax compliance work although there is opportunity to work in consulting.  My clients are all hedge funds and private equity and I am involved in structuring and international tax.  I'm almost done getting my Master's in Taxation and will graduate this summer.

In about three years I can make manager and be making six figures or I can drop everything and go to law school.  If I go to law school I know I can get a great job in the tax consulting field with the CPA, MST and JD. However, if I decide not to go I've already got a pretty good career underway. 

Also, I'm extremely into real estate and use my tax and structuring knowledge to invest in properties out of state with joint venture partners.  Currently I have four of these deals going on through LLCs which I've formed and eventually this is something I hope I can make my full time job.  I'm thinking the law degree will help me in this area and also give me the option to one day teach Tax at a local university which I would like to do.

I know this post is scatterbrained and all over the place, but any thoughts are extremely helpful as I am very confused and will have to make a decision soon.  THANKS!!!!

Yes, yes and double yes.  It is a big investment in time and money, but you'll be making twice as much when you come out of school and have a ton more options than you had before.  I say pull the trigger.

(By the way, I'm a current E&Y guy.)

ND Friday, but Emory is off my list.  ND is my only planned trip so far. If I like it, I'll go there barring acceptances from Vandy or my T14 reaches.

I just visited ND two weeks ago and really loved it.  I'll also likely be heading there, barring any big $$$ from a place like UCLA or (in my wildest dreams) a Duke admit.

Whenever my friends ask me if I have heard anything from Vandy, I tell them that they are too busy accepting people who will be attending UVA or Duke in the fall.  ::)


I guess it's no coincidence that the two schools I haven't heard anything from yet (despite applying by November 2nd at both places) both have new deans of admissions this year.  Duke has actually been OK--I just wish they'd hurry up and reject me already--but if LSN is an accurate indicator of things at Vandy, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up having a real problem filling their class for '06.  Anyway, friends, this is the thread where we sit and wait...

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