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Like Swanburg, I think that I did worse on the in class diags because I was tired, hung over, or something...

But nonetheless, I'm going balls-to-the-wall on Monday and we'll see if I can pop this score up to at least a 163-165 and I will be happy. Otherwise, I am re-taking in October.

What do you need for the schools you are looking at?

I dont know if they did this for your class, but for ours they released every LSAT ever administered that was disclosed in one huge book. I took the tests in class, I took the tests in the lesson books, and I have taken five from that huge LSAT book. In taking all those tests, I averaged a 159. I did better on the ones outside the lesson books. I know they are all Kaplan released, but I am pretty sure that at least the book of LSATs must be what everyone else is working from, which should be a better indicator.

My roommate, a pre-med student, brought to my attention that there may be a correlation with an increase in LSAT/MCAT score and weight. After five months of studying, she mentioned to me yesterday that many people may experience a significant weight gain as they devote so much time to studying as opposed to exercise. She said that her average score on sections was a 12, the exact amount of weight gained since she started studying. 

Any thoughts?

I took Kaplan's class that started in Feb. to prep for June. I reaaalllly feel like I wasted alot of money, because I had similar results. However, I have also read the LGB that everyone on here is so reliant upon, and it has similar methods for games that Kaplan teaches, but calls them different things. So it may have taught us how to recognize different types of questions, etc. but I don't think it did anything for timing or choosing between those two answers that both look sooo right.

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