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Studying for the LSAT / Any other anomalously high scores for LSAT # 21?
« on: August 27, 2005, 06:13:45 PM »
I practiced on #21 today, and got the highest score evar.  Is this test a known anomaly among the published lsats, or am I just that much of a damn genius?

old score is a 161.  I'm practicing in the 164 to 167 range.  Worth it to retake?

We just had our first kid two weeks ago.  My wife has quit work for the forseeable future, and I plan on applying for 2006.  There are four options for me. 
-Take on massive debt and neither of us work. (I hate this option).  aka the Nucular Option.
-Selling a resort property that I stumbled into, and will never be able to afford again (and take on debt for tuition).  aka the U of Maryland plan I.
-I go to school at night and take care of the kid/study during the day, and Wife supports us and lists us on her insurance.  We take on debt for tuition.  aka the U of Maryland plan II.
-I get a full ride scholarship and find a nice slack 40hr/week government job so I can work and go to school.  aka the Widener plan.

I took the LSAT in December 04 and scored a 161.  I thought "not too bad, 85th%".  It looks like I  need to score at least 165 (based on to get to go for free to my target school.  But I digress.

I studied about every other night for about two months using "Dr. Daves LSAT prep book" or somesuch title, and one of the collections of 10 LSATs published by LSAC.  I stopped studying about three weeks out because I found out what LS actually costs, but took the test anyway because I had already paid.

From your collective experiences, how much of a difference could a person expect to see if they (I) started studying for the October LSAT with the powerscore LGB and LRB, and worked dilligently up to the test.  (I didn't know the powerscore books were the "it" of study guides at the time, so Dr. Dave was randomly selected from Amazon's stock.)

I'm sure this has been rehashed about a billion times, and I have searched, so please bear w/ me.


166 and a 3.0 got me mine.   ;D

What's the GPA to hold onto it?  If'n you don't mind me asking.

I've read a few posts by people who have gotten a full ride to Widener.  If I'm not being too forward, I'd like to know what grades and lsat score it took to go for free.  I'm the sole breadwinner for the family, so actually paying for law school isn't an option.  However, I do live near Harrisburg and could go to the evening program. 

I took the LSAT and got a 161, graduated in 2001 with a 3.0 GPA in Civil Engineering from NC State, and recently got my PE license, but I'm bored as hell with engineering.  Civils are also a dime/12, so my salary outlook is fairly low unless I go out on my own.

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