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Is there a point to your rant?

You have to have about 8400 'practical hours of experience' before taking the PE unless you have gotten some credit from graduate engineering work + co-op.  Are you planning to go to LS part time?

Widener U School of Law / Disturbing. - salaries drop from 04 to 05
« on: June 20, 2006, 08:28:22 PM »
I have received two salary data sheets from Widener Harrisburg during the application / admissions process. 
2004 Priv. Pract. Salary:
Range 42.5k - 90k
Mean 61875
Median 57500

2005 Priv. Pract. Salary:
Range 40k - 80k
Mean 54940
Median 48500

The only redeeming factor is that in 2004 there were 92 graduates v/s 149 graduates in 2005.  This leads me to believe that less qualified people are being admitted to boost revenue.  However, the top salary shouldn't vary by 10k!  I hope this trend doesn't continue.

DO NOT GO TO WIDENER! I realize you think that hard work automatically pays off but there are plenty of law student's at Widener that bust their asses for 3 years only to be unable to find a job that can pay off their debt. The only trial law you will practice out of Widner is some DUI cases and a whole lot of personal injury. If you are really lucky, maybe some wrongful death. Sounds like a great career. Good luck!

What's your story?  I need some context before I can take you seriously.

General Board / Digital Voice Recorders?
« on: June 09, 2006, 07:52:29 PM »
I'm thinking of getting one of these to record meetings at work as well as classes at law school.  It would be handy to have all lectures on MP3 on my computer.  Does anyone do this?  Any recommendations on products?  Will I be an uber geek if I bust out my recorder in class?

Widener U School of Law / Re: Class of 2009
« on: May 16, 2006, 08:07:55 PM »
hey guys.   I just got accepted off of the waitlist to the harrisburg campus.  I am from pittsburgh but am not that familiar with widener.  I was wondering if anyone had a chance if they could give me their opinions of the school adn campus.  I am hoping to get a chance to visit but they only gave me 10 days to send it a deposit.  I am going to try and get an extension.  however, any help you guys could give me would be awesome.  hopefully i will be joining you guys at the harrisburg campus and good luck to the wilmington people. 

The campus is comprised of three buildings located in sort of an office park.  The main building has classrooms and the library.  There is also a dining building and an administration building.  The campus doesn't have an inspiring sense of history or of 'place'.  Utilitarian would be the word I would use to describe it.

I think you should attend law school.  Is Widener your only option? 

I work for a civil engineering company right now, and the CEO is an engineer who got a J.D. from Duqaine (sp) in Pittsburh, which is T4.  I think having a J.D. is very useful in the engineering business.  All the J.D's that I know in this business are making 120K and higher.   

How many JD/CEs do you know?  Are they engineer, lawyers, or managers of engineering companies?

I nominate Giraffe the most gorgeous poster on LSD

How the hell can you tell from that diminutive picture? ??? :D

First, let me reiterate...  There is no lost income issue here.  I'll be working full time.  The total amount of money we are talking about risking is about $80k.  Also, I wouldn't exactly call Widener my "choice".  More accurately, it is my only option because of location and working full time.

what type of law do you want to do then? howcome not patent law??

Re: patent law...
While I'm not averse to IP law, I'm a civil engineer.  Civil engineering technology hasn't changed much in the past thousand-or-so years.  I'm not so sure my civil background would be that valuable in a field where most patents are for genetics, biomed, or software.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Other fields I've considered are patent litigation (different that getting the patents, I understand), contractor or engineer defense litigation, or general litigation of some kind.  I do not want to sit around and write contracts or ponder healthcare law.  A non-trial lawyer job seems more boring than what I do now.

Even if you get a full ride scholarship you will be giving up 3 years of salary at 85k,

I make $53k now, not $85k.  By "top out" I mean that I will make 85k in the later years of my career.  I'm only 28.

I'll also be going part time evening, so that means I will be working full time.  I will have $80k in debt for tuition, however.  The opportunity cost is only time, and whatever promotions I don't get because I'm too damn tired to do well at my job.  Basically, I stand to piss away only $80k if things don't work out.

What is it that is motivating you to attend law school? Is it b/c you are bored? Wish to learn about law?

I'm extraordinarily bored w/ my job.  The idea of topping out at $85k pisses me off.  I don't have the grades or memorization skills to go to med school.  After having been in the business world for a time, it seems that business people are equally if not more sleazy than lawyers, so an MBA isn't any more attractive.  And, yes, I think I would thoroughly enjoy being an attorney.

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