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Incoming 1Ls / Re: What will be your relationship status as a 1L?
« on: May 23, 2005, 05:49:52 AM »
What a question... This whole last semester I thought it was going to be a long-distance relationship (girlfriend at UGA for grad school, me at Samford) followed by engagement within the year. But out of nowhere a month ago she pulled the "I need to be single right now" BS. But in the grand scheme of things, it'll probably be easier for me to not have to split my interests even further with a girlfriend 3 hours away. And at least she broke up with me before school. I can't imagine experiencing all of the last month's crap during finals or something.

I'm kind of sick of college girls anyway. Maybe I'll find a desperate housewife in the Birmingham suburbs.  ;)

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Tort Violation? You decide
« on: May 23, 2005, 05:40:32 AM »
He is absolutely out-of-line on this one. He turns around and chokes a 13 year old that was mouthing off to his back. Outrageous. There is no excuse for a school busdriver to resort to this kind of behavior. If the kids are out of control, take the keys, step off the bus, call the police. He's definitely liable for battery and should be getting criminal charges. I read that he received a misdemeanor while the two boys got slapped with felonies.

Bahamut, which primer are you using? Aspen E&E?

Yeah, I had a big envelope today, which I thought was info on my law school (yeah, like widener would actually communicate) and it was an invitation to apply to New York Law School. whyiautta... >:(

you gonna do it?

I almost seriously sent in an application. I think my numbers are good enough. I spent 3 of 4 spring breaks in NYC and would love to go back there. I'm just not sure I could do law school there. So expensive. Birmingham is a lot closer to home too.

sunofabitch....  i just got an email from "law admissions" titled "law school application" and my heart about stopped.  Here I am thinking, sweet I might have been admitted somewhere or something, but no, of course not.  Ohio Northern University telling me that there are seats left and I am among a select number of students they have contacted to apply for the remaining seats.  Damn you ONU, damn you!   oh and i am not married nor do i have any intentions to in a looong time   

LOL. Just got the same one and had the same heart-stopping reaction. "Yes, Pepperdine? Oh wait. It's just ONU."

And, I might add:

With so many stories and real life testimonials about how hard it is to find a job when you go to sub 20 law school...

...or that you know of some guy who made it or some other bull excuse like that...

You made a blanket statement about stories and testimonials. At least we came up with some actual stories to the contrary.

Again you guys are missing the point. I want to hear from people who are wondering whether law is really for them. In other words there must be those of you who had hopes of getting into a higher ranked school and now that you havent , do you feel like maybe your not meant to be a lawyer.

I mean lets be honest, none of you guys have gone through law school yet, or gone out there looking for a law job yet. The fact is that whether you like it or not, lawyers are rankings whores and will judge you instantly based on where you went to law school. So while you guys may think that the "ABA doesnt tier schools" or that you know of some guy who made it or some other bull excuse like that.. the fact is that maybe you could do better by just waiting.

I am just surprised so many people are so eager to jump into a loosing bet so quickly.

Ha, no. You don't seem to get it. For many, the goal is to practice law -- to be engaged in working with the law as a career. The hoop one must jump through is law school. That was my goal. Sure, I knew that getting a better LSAT score could only make things easier for me. I studied my ass off for it.

And, of course, like I said before, nothing is guaranteed. I won't know what it's like to be a lawyer until I am one. But how is that different than any other professional career?

That's great that you got into such a great program by being a more interesting candidate. I think your experience is exceptional. Most kids don't have those kind of options though or the ability to create them. And, I might add, going your route doesn't guarantee success either.

I guess I, and most others, fail to see how you don't get that there are plenty of tier 2-4 grads that have jobs as lawyers and enjoy it. Or, how you don't understand that some people just want to practice law and don't care that they didn't get into a top 20.

If you love Bush, you shouldn't be surprised in the least by this decision.

And he didn't go to law school.

My basic question is why take the risk of potentially not having a job or teh job you want, by going to a crappy school? Isnt the risk of waiting a year and redoing your LSAT a better one.

No, for some folks, studying the LSAT for another year won't improve their scores significantly, much less enough to get into a top 20. My buddy took a year off school to strictly study LSAT. He had a 4.0, but couldn't get his damn score over 149. But he wanted to go to law school, so he settled on getting some money to go to Coastal. Coastal grads have jobs. What's wrong with that?

Second, graduating from the top 20 doesn't guarantee anyone the job they want. Like one of the 4th tier posters said, not everyone wants Big Law. I bet there are plenty of 4th tier grads who are a lot happier with their jobs than HLS or Yale grads.

Judge Judy went to NYLS and look at her AL!!!!!!

Awesome, awesome point.  :D

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