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Theres some schools in California.  Anyone familiar with University of West Los Angeles or Lincoln Law School of San Jose or Monterey College of Law?  I just kinda wanted to get away from home... is it not worth it.  Is Appalachian so bad that it might be worth it to just go to a bad school in CA?

I was being sarcastic about being psyched..obviously.

So Pres, did your friend think it was alright or am I crazy for going out there. My gpa sucks so my choices are limited... but I'm from California and I would be forcing myself into a few years probably practicing law in Virginia.

hmm.. Now I'm psyched about Grundy!

Anyone actually know about the town?  On the net it says you can't get a drop of liquor in the town.  What do people do for fun?

Anyone visited or live near Appalachian School of Law?  What is the town like?  Anything fun to do in Grundy?

Appalachian School of Law. Anyone know anything about it or the town of Grundy?

Incoming 1Ls / Know anything about Appalachian School of Law?
« on: May 16, 2005, 11:26:03 AM »
Does anyone know anything about Appalachian School of Law or about the town of Grundy?  Is there anything fun to do etc. ?

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