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Let me tell you i am not complaining at the schools I got into. I hate the LSAT though.....My friends have been screwing around all 4 year with about 2.8 but scored better on the LSAT and have many more oppurtunities........Oh well......Just going to make the most of it.... I am banking on transferring or gratuating towards the top of my class.

I didn't apply to more California schools because I was convinced NY area was for me. After vistiting a week I missed wearing shorts and sandals in march. I froze my @$$ off. It was alot of un but mroe of a place to vistit. I wanted to apply to SCU but they moved up their deadline to 2/15 this year. That left UC I didn't have a change to get into with a 149. There is always next year. I am crossing my fingers for Seton Hall and study my @$$ off to transfer back to a UC or better yet to a top nothc school like NYU. We'll see.....What do you guys thing the chances are nailing it out at Cal and transfering to UCLA or that to far fetched..... Damn LSAT....I'm bitter....


I have been accepted to Cal Western (T4) and NYLS (T3). I want to end up back in California to practice. I was hoping to transfer. Should I go with NYLS and try to move up? Just want to see what everyone thinks. I am still waiting for USF and crossing my fingers for Seton Hall. It seems like they are taking forever....


GPA 3.5 & LSAT 149(Sad...)
Accepted: NYLS & Cal Western
Rejected: George Mason(Obviously), UNLV(tear drop), U of Hawaii, & DePaul
Still Waiting..... USF & SHU

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: New York Law School
« on: May 13, 2005, 09:43:20 PM »
Hey rachel so where will you be going? I put a deposit down for New york also.... I live in San Diego and want to end up back here sop i am a bit uneasy as well. I got into Cal Western but am I really better off going to tier 4 California School?

Accepted: Cal Western, New York Law School
Rejected: UNLV, U of Hawaii, George Mason, & DePaul.
Still Waiting......   USF & Seton Hall

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