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Few things:

I am not "spamming" anything.  I haven't posted anymore on this board than anyone else.  I only started this thread because comments about her were scattered all over this board and I wanted to organize them into one place.

She doesn't advertise because then she'd have to raise prices to account for that.  She wants to keep prices low for people like me who couldn't afford the more expensive services.  I have no problem with her not advertising, because it means she keeps her prices low.  I see nothing wrong with that.  Plenty of internet businesses don't advertise.

She doesn't tell where she goes to school because she doesn't want to.  Maybe it's a privacy issue.  Lord knows there are plenty of weirdos on the internet, maybe she doesn't want them tracking her down, I dunno.

This board is to offer advice to others.  Lots of people have been happy with her service and are merely offering advice about it.  If you're unhappy with that, then don't read the thread.

Do you consider a book the property of the author or the editor?  Do you think an editor doesn't make grammatical changes and a few changes in wording here or there?  Do you think John Grisham should actually put his editor's name on the cover?  Clearly you believe getting any help whatsoever is not doing your own work.  As I said on another thread...if you think your legal writing will go straight to a professor, or later a judge, without substantial changes, you need to face reality.  Successful people use all the resources available to them to make their work the best it can be.  I'd learn that real fast if you plan on being in law school soon.  I'm a 1L and I've worked in a firm for 4 years, and I can tell you that only the senior partners in my firm send in their writing to a judge without feedback from someone else in the firm.  I think after 20 years in practice they've reached a point where there's no one better than them who can assist, but I can guarantee you that every associate in that firm has their work read by at least 2 partners, and the paper usually looks like someone bled on it the first time around.  Practicing law is not about being original, it's about researching and using every available resource to make your brief more polished and convincing than opposing counsel's.  So, if you think you'll be doing your own work product and the judge will just applaud you for not having to ask for help from anyone, you're sorely mistaken.

I realize your PS is supposed to show the AdComm who you are, and what your writing abilities are.  That's why I used a service that only did grammatical corrections and suggestions for how to make my content more targeted to my audience.  The topic of my PS was not changed, and really hardly any wording was changed.  Professionals have their work edited and I'm certainly going to do it as well.  Anyone who sends in their PS without having it edited by someone else (anyone credible) is only hurting themselves. 

I'm sorry to say, but I am not her.  She was my mentor my first year in undergrad and became a very good friend.  She left and went off to law school and was kind enough to help me when it came time for me to apply to law school.  She does Law Review and some newspaper at her school and just genuinely enjoys editing things.  The only reason I promote her so much on here is because she's a good friend of mine and I respect her work.  She reads this board, but she refuses to post because she doesn't want to get involved in answering tons of questions on here and/or defending herself to the few who want to make ill comments.  She's a 3L and has an internship in a firm, so she doesn't have time to be on this board.  So, since I still play around on here some, I post things for her when necessary.  She just doesn't wish to be involved with the board, that's all.

Let's reserve this thread for comments by those who have used her service, or questions by those who are considering her service.  If you don't personally agree with those who use a service of this type, then disagree, but everyone has their own opinions and some find this service useful.

I have no idea what The Essay Queen has done with other people's essays, but I know with mine she edited strictly for grammar, my content did not change.  I just wanted to give my two cents on using editing services...

If you think that getting your PS edited is wrong, here's a little reality check.  You're about to enter law school...your work will be getting edited for years to come!  I'm a 1L and I just turned in my first big memo for my Legal Skills class.  It was edited twice by my TA and once by my professor.  My professor specifically said anyone who didn't use the resources available for editing was only hurting themselves.  When the resources are there, by all means, use them.  As an associate in any good size firm you will be writing briefs and motions that repeatedly get torn apart by supervising partners.  Saying you should turn in a PS without having someone credible edit it is like saying you should send in motions, memos and briefs to judges without having a colleague edit it first.  Get a clue!  Your work will always need to be edited and those who accel are the ones who use all available resources to get ahead of the competition.

Personal Statements, Resumes, and Letters of Recommendation / Re: margins...
« on: September 29, 2004, 11:55:26 PM »
I agree, don't change the margins, change the spacing.  Unless the school specifically asks for double-spacing, which some do.  Also, I think 3 pages is perfectly acceptable.  I applied to 14 schools last year and had a 3 page statement for all but the two schools who only allowed 2 pages.  I think anything over 3 is excessive though.

My guess would be no capitalization on classics major.  My best advice though: when in doubt, go to the Essay Queen!  :)  She's a grammar fanatic and completely fantastic when it comes to editing your PS!  She's my expert on these things, so I won't pretend to know

I knew I had learned this in undergrad, but was trying to find an online source I could point to, and I finally have:

The rule says, "We do not capitalize majors or academic disciplines unless they refer to a language, ethnic group, or geographical entity: Roundbottom is an economics major, but he loves his courses in French and East European studies."

Hope this helps!

I know lots of you have now used The Essay Queen's editing services.  The comments seem to be scattered amongst a couple of threads, so I thought I'd start one central thread.

The old comments about her can be found in the following threads:,4857.0.html,6023.0.html

So, let's use this as a central place to make any comments about this service, that way the information is all in one place.  She's a friend of mine, so I'm just trying to help a girl out!  :)

Hope everyone's statements are going well!!

My ears were burning...must be because someone was talking about me!  :)

I only lurk on here now and then, 1L is extremely time consuming!!

Anyhow, I wanted to mention a couple of things about The Essay Queen...

She's a friend of mine (in real life), and I try to watch what is said about her on this board.  I think she probably checks it too, but she prefers not to post on here.  So, on her behalf, I will say this:  she started out charging $5 for one edit, and $10 for continuous edits because she is just a law student.  She wasn't sure people would pay to use her service, so she wanted to keep the price low.  She also wanted to build a reputation for being good at what she does before she raises her prices.  I asked her if she was planning on ever charging more, and she is actually thinking of raising it to $15 and $20, to replace the $5 and $10.  However, she feels bad doing this after the lower prices have been advertised on here for so long.

So, as of tomorrow, she is going to raise her prices.  She's a 3L and is getting busy with school, so her time is becoming more valuable.  I still think these prices are extremely fair, so I told her to go for it.  Anyhow, if you want to get in with the lower prices, you have about 24 hours, so get on it!  :)

Yes, but I'm on the road moving cross-country from Atlanta to California for law school.  I meant to email you back and tell you I'd get to it ASAP, but the hotels I've stayed in haven't had great internet.  I get to CA tomorrow night, I'll try and email you my comments this weekend if that's ok!  :)

I'm sitting in a hotel lobby in AZ using their wireless connection as we speak, so I'll download the file onto my computer and take it back to my room to keep me company tonight!  :)  lol

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