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I applied during two admissions cycles (and applied to some of the same schools both times) and I chose to write a new PS.  I figured if the first one had been that great, I would have gotten in.  I think you've at least got to address what you've been doing for the past year after not being admitted to law school.  For the schools I had already applied to, I even addressed that I had applied there before.  I told them what I'd done in the past year, and why I thought their decision should be different this time around.  It just seems weird to me to apply somewhere a second time (and they'll know because they'll probably ask on the app if you've applied before) and not address why you're applying again, or why you think you have more to offer this time around.

It's ultimately up to you, but I think you should write a new PS to address these issues.

I just checked the MLA style guide as well, and it said publishers are increasingly moving to single space after punctuation.  However, it says two is perfectly acceptable unless an instructor or editor prefers otherwise.

Interesting the differences in opinion on this though.  I know my Legal Skills professor requires two spaces after periods, and I double-checked with my mother and she said the documents corporate attorneys file with the SEC still require two spaces after punctuation, so that's what her proofreaders look for. 

I would say it is safe to use only one after periods in your PS then.  However, once in law school, be sure to ask your professor what they prefer.

uhm...who double spaces after periods ???

no offense...just seems weird

Hmm...maybe just about every book and article published?  I'm looking at my case book as we speak and it is all double spacing after periods. 

Maybe it's just me...but my mom runs a financial printer, which produces documents for corporate attorneys, and she's always taught me that you double space after a period.  You have to in legal documents that are produced for the public, so might as well get used to it now.

Additionally, my legal research and writing professor requires double spacing after periods, so you'll probably see it in law school too.  Probably ok to skimp on your PS, but I have always been taught there must be two spaces after a period.

Sorry, I fixed the link seems to work now.

Quick note to those with early action and early decision deadlines looming...

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Double space...I think this is the general rule of thumb.

Sorry, I thought it was back earlier in the thread somewhere, so I didn't post it before:

I think it's normally about 48 hours, but maybe someone who has had their's done recently can give you a better estimate.

If you email her, she can probably tell you what her turn-around time looks like right now.

For the record, as a personal friend of The Essay Queen, she does not run Number One Essay. 

However, The Essay Queen has added some new package deals to her website today, so be sure and check them out if you're still looking for help!

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Best of luck to all, as usual!

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