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I did indeed say part of the fictitious name thing was because she didn't want people at her school to know.  That's because she didn't want other students knowing...not professors.  I told you why she doesn't use her real name, it is a security issue, and a well-founded one at that.  She has consulted professors about this and I'm sure has taken care of anything legally related.  And for the records, I just asked her about the business license issue, and she doesn't have to get one in her county until she makes more than $1500, which she hasn't done yet.  She also said she was fully planning on talking to her accountant after the first of the year when she does her taxes from her summer employment.  See, now you can quit losing sleep over it.

swifty:  I changed what I said about the tax exempt status because I have no idea.  This isn't my business, I know very little about taxes (other than that I have to file my own every year), and I have no idea what she's doing about it.  She's assured me that she has talked with professors at her law school and that she is doing what is necessary.  Come tax time, I'm sure she'll do what is necessary then too.  And this fictious name stuff is bull.  First of all, I'm sure she'll readily tell you why she doesn't reveal her real name.  As a matter of fact, I'll tell you.  She was stalked and nearly raped by some guy who found her because of the internet back in college.  She's really careful about being anonymous on the internet now, and she has every right to be.  She's operating under the name of her business.  Millions do it everyday.  There are thousands or millions of businesses all over the internet operating in the same way as she is.  And for the last time, she has consulted with lawyers about this, and I'm sure she's doing what she needs to do.  She has to pass the moral and character fitness exam this spring, she's very careful about what she does.  I'm done talking about this.  I think you should be more concerned with your own life right now.


GA_Kriti, Do you know approximately how long The Essay Queen takes to edit your PS if you pay for just the basic $10 service?

I'm sorry...I have no idea.  You could email her and ask though, I'm sure she'd answer your question.

Obviously you were meant to be an accountant, not a lawyer, since this is all so damn important to you.  Perhaps you should rethink your career choice.

How do you know what she's going to do?  She opened the website in June or July I think...either way, have taxes come around yet?  No.  I'm sure she has an accountant or someone do her taxes.  She did work last summer, so I'm sure she's going to have to do taxes at the end of the year.  I can't imagine she wouldn't discuss it with her accountant, but that's her business, not mine.

There's no point in me trying to argue this with you, I admit that I know nothing about taxes, other than how to do my own.  But I do know EssayQueen well enough to know she's not going to do anything that might tarnish her character for passing and being part of the bar.  She's sought advice from professors at her school about having a business like this, and I'm sure she'll consult her accountant.  I don't think it's something you should lose sleep over.

And she doesn't come on here and defend herself because she doesn't want to waste her time arguing with people like you.  She reads this board occassionally, but between school, her job, and doing the essay editing, she really doesn't have the time to waste.  I defend her because she's my friend and I know a lot about what she does.  I shouldn't be wasting my time with you either, I've got plenty of work of my own to do.  I suggest you go back to your own work as well.

For about the hundredth, I am not her.  We went to undergrad together, she decided to start this little business and didn't know how to make a website, so I made her first website.  She refuses to talk on here because she doesn't want to get into it with the few jerks on here who talk *&^%, so most of the time I do it for her.  She's like my mentor, so I talk to her alot.  I encouraged her to start the business, so I hope it does well.

Your best bet would be to email her and ask.  I'd guess MLA though, because we went to college together and that's what we had to use there.  She was an Engish major there, so I bet she still uses the same thing since they grilled it into us.

If you wanna email her:

Haha, well don't hope for anything better in law school.  Not only is there no time to date in law school, but at most of the schools I visited (and at the one I attend), the law school population lacks attractive people!  Not to mention, if you do date someone while you're in law school, don't date anyone at your school.  This is high school all over again and the rumors spread like wild fires!  It just makes everything twice as stressful, not worth it.

One of my friends at school went to Cornell for undergrad.  I think you should follow suit and attend our law school as well (lol)!  Actually, I'm hoping to transfer, so maybe I'll end up back east where I belong!

Good luck with your law school applications.  Email me if you ever need any advice!

Swifty:  My reasoning is not faulty.  It is a known fact that if you make less than a certain amount you are tax exempt.

Jgunnz:  She's a huge help.  I have no idea where swifty gets the idea that she rewrites people's work.  No one on here has said that this was the case when they used her service.  She corrects grammar, makes suggestions about your topic, and generally helps to improve the flow of your statement if you need that kind of help. 

Anyhow, you can find her services here:

By the way...Jgunnz, you're a cutie!  :)  Apply to schools in Cali!  lol

I assume she will not be deducting her dorm fees as a home office?

Please don't lecture me on small business, you chose the wrong guy, plus you are not doing this, the Essay Queen is, correct? 

I am not lecturing you.  I am educating you on her services, since you come on here constantly and raise issues.  She happens to be a good friend of mine, and I think what she's doing for people is great.  It also gives her a little cash on the side to support herself.  She works for a nonprofit currently for free, doing more good in this world than you'll probably ever do.  If she has to edit essays on the side so that she can do meaningful work for people, I think that's using her resources wisely.  She's also a third year law student, so she's not stupid enough to do something that would endanger her passing the Character and Moral Fitness exam for the bar.  I know she's consulted with professors at her school about how to make sure everything she does with this business is legal, so I don't think you need to worry about it anymore.

Surely you have more important things to worry getting into law school.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you gross less than a certain amount a year, you're not only tax-exempt by the IRS, but you're also exempt from licensure in CA.  So far she said she has not grossed more than the set amount, so she doesn't have to do anything.  She's currently having a more professional website built by a friend who does web design though, and she's trying to decide how to advertise.  Small business start small, then grow.  She had to wait until she had made enough money to warrant taking these additional steps.  She's a third year law student, she's smart enough to know that she'll have to do more legally as her business grows.

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