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Choosing the Right Law School / bengal bouts
« on: March 08, 2007, 11:19:24 PM »
tell me about bengal bouts. Do any law students do it? Does it take up too much time for a law student? Have you gone to them?

Currently I have merit scholarships from minn, nd, and vandy. I would love to squeeze just a little more out of them, but im not sure how. A current student at one said it was worth a shot. He just didnt tell me how i go about doing it.

only two reasons for choosing ND - close to home and money. I am very debt-phobic

 I once read an article (and if anyone remembers it and could link it that would be awesome) extolling the virtues of attending the best school possible. Is this the general wisdom here? Right now I am thinking about attending the lowest ranked school i got into. I am now having serious reservations.Anyone want to argue for attending the best? (right now I am thinking of ND -> Cornell my highest accept so far (waiting for mich)

Thanks Blues. Where are you planning on going? You applied to many of the same schools I did.

I really have no idea where i want to practice. I want to be at least somewhat flexible in that area.

Right now I am leaning toward Minn (not instate, btw) and ND. They have given me the most money and are closest to home. I have also heard both (and in particular ND) offer a friendlier, more cooperative law school environment. If i were to choose one of these two over the other, higher ranked schools, these would be the only reasons. Would it be a poor decision to choose either of these two? what are the arguments for the other schools listed?

sorry, am drawing a blank. cant think of any other way to phrase it. Basically, when must i tell schools i am commited to going? Is there any place (or maybe a sticky) that his these dates for various schools? Had trouble searching their sites

Incoming 1Ls / good books on how to finance law school
« on: December 29, 2006, 11:39:50 AM »
Any good books on this subject?

Choosing the Right Law School / Cornell, Vandy, Minn, ND
« on: December 16, 2006, 04:43:03 PM »
I have been accepted to Cornell and Minn(with 8k a year) so far. I am expecting to get in, and hopefully get some money from ND and Vandy (3.68/167.) I have a few reaches out at Duke and Mich. Assuming it comes down to Cornell, Minn, Vandy, and ND, which would you choose? I can only see myself living in either MN or CO (family reasons) and would like to leave my options open for the time being. I also am very debt conscious. Is it absurd to turn down Cornell, Vandy, and Minn for better money at ND? What would you do?

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