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Hi there,
I was wondering about waitlists, and "hold" lists.  ??? I am on WL at Miami and Brooklyn, and FSU I believe put me on what pple call a "hold" list.  I sent extra essays to the other two schools, should I also send to FSU?  It would be one of my top choices because I am in FL and want to practice there (and it's very good for the $$$).  Can anyone recommend what to do to help my chances? I have heard of sending letters of "continued interest" but what exactly are these? Are they long/short? Is it just explaining why that school is the best for you, or what? I'm really not sure what to say that would be worth while.  People also tell me to call, but I have called schools before and they are very ambiguious and seem to want to just get you off the phone, and I know FSU isn't going to tell me much, but does anyone recommend calling anyway? And if so, say what?  aghhh!  Yeah so I'm kinda lost on what to do here, any suggestions would be great! thanks! ::)

Yeah, I've heard good things about Kentucky in itself, but the facilities weren't the greatest and the building looked very small and limited; this all turned me off.  Nova on the other hand, was beautiful, very modern and with a good location.  NYLS was in the middle, it had 4 buildings, but they were also somewhat run down.  Of course it IS right in NYC which I would like.  But FL is where my family (and long-time bf) is, so it's a big debate.  I know UK is going to have a new building, but by the time it's finished I will prob have graduated, which kinda sucks! :-[  It's also small compared to the other two.  Any advice on whether a small school or big school is better?  I want to get to know a lot of pple, but I also don't want a high school feel.  Diversity is also a big factor for me, and UK wasn't high up there for that.  But Lex. was truly beautiful and I'm sure it has its pluses.  Otherwise I'm kinda hoping to hear from Miami or FSU!  Thanks for the input you all ;D

Thanks for the positives, after that first post I was worried!  I just wanted to add that UK gave me $10,000 a year thus making me pay in-state; NYLS gave me $10k as well but obviously it would still be a good amount of money to attend even with that.  Nova hasn't given me anything, if so it would be in the form of a supposed phone call, so I'm not too hopeful.  Anyway just wanted to add that...I hadn't mentioned it before. Thanks again for the positive replies and advice, please keep it coming. ;)

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CHOOSE! I recently graduated NYU but I live in Florida. I have been accepted into Nova Southeastern, University of Kentucky, New York Law, Pace and I've been waitlisted at Miami, UF, and Brooklyn.  I have not heard anything from FSU.  Is there anyone who can tell me about Nova (good/bad?) and make any recommendations?!  I went to visit all the schools, and Kentucky was in the middle of nowhere, but it is the best ranked one I got into (my stats are 151, 3.4).  I'm pretty sure I want to practice in Florida, but what are my chances of getting a decent job as an Alum from Nova? (or even UK/NY LAW in FL. Or how about getting a job in NYC from NY LAW, (it is 3rd tier)...
Does anyone have any advice or opinion on NY Law, UK, or Nova?
Also, what are the chances I get off a waitlist at Miami? I have written an additional essay to them but still no word.
I am used to being in NYC, and Lexington (UK) was a lotta nothing for me, would anyone recommend attending a law school where the location wasn't stimulating but the degree might be worth it? 
  Thanks for any advice or response!  ::)

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