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Financial Aid / Re: Access Group v. North Star (THE) opinions?
« on: May 17, 2005, 04:22:04 PM »
Which one do you think is better.  So far I am leaning towards THE, monthly credit(which will reduce total amount of repayment), they use experian for my address (highest score), limit of 120,000 for my school (I can stay within this limit), however Access group provides an additional 5 years to repay (can be good/bad), no limit (this can be dangerous, taking out more than needed) and a lower interest rate based on credit of course, but they use Trans union (lowest score).  Should I chance it with Access or go with THE? 

Any other information on these companies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

apply to both and see what rates they offer you on the approval notices.  You never know how good (or bad) they consider your credit rating. 

Ask UC if you can get some aid. 

Are you getting 25K from Duke PER YEAR or OVER THREE YEARS?  This makes a big difference. 

I just found out that I got into Chicago (3.4, 171) and I知 trying to decide what to do. I only applied to a few schools because I had no idea where I might get in (rejected at Boalt, waitlisted at Columbia, in at Hastings, UCLA, Michigan $15K, Duke $25K).

So is Chicago worth $200,000 in loans? (And as a sidenote, does anyone know why their annual budget is so high? They estimate $59,000 for next year.) I知 debating whether I should re-apply next year to more places with a better application in hopes of having more options and maybe some money. Other T14s cost less even without any financial aid. Boalt (in-state) would be $120,000 total, Virginia $146,700. If I could get in to either of these schools, would it be worth having $60-80,000 less debt? How about UCLA, the more likely option? Is that worth $80,000 less in debt? Or, should I take Chicago now, because let痴 face it, chances are slim that I値l get in again.

In terms of what I want to do...who knows. I applied to law school because I'm interested in law but also because it seems to offer more financial stability than any of my current options. My decision is compounded by the fact that I知 not sure about law school/being a lawyer and I知 extremely debt averse. The more I hear of biglaw, the less I want any part of it but in-house sounds nice. Ideally, I壇 like to be in academia but I know that even out of Chicago my chances would be slim...

Sorry for such a long post. Thanks for your advice!

Go where you think you'd be happiest. You can make things happen at either school because they're such good schools!

Let us know your final decision. Good luck and congrats on having such a great decision to make.

Check the website of the NYC firms and see how well are BLS and BU grads represented. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Emory or Notre Dame?
« on: May 15, 2005, 08:49:11 PM »
My prelaw advisor told me the same thing.  Go to UGA if you can get instate tuition and if you are paying the full price tag at Emory.  He just does not believe that an Emory degree is worth that much money.  He is currently the chair of the national prelaw association. 

Average private sector salary at UGA is $78,000 and at Emory $84,000.  It is over $100,000 at ND.  So there is really no comparison between ND and Emory. 

In the past five years ND has produced three US Supreme Court clerks.  Emory big fat zero. 

Do not worry about the differences in the so-called rankings. 

Consider the following two factors.  First, is one of them giving you a much better aid package?  Second, let your personal fit decide. 

Again, forget US News and all the other surveys. 

Do not be dumb.  Go to Duke. 

There is a penalty for changing your mind so late in the game.  suck it up and move on. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Duke vs. UVA
« on: April 30, 2005, 05:31:35 PM »

Am I making a big mistake if I go to Duke rather than UVA? 

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