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In order for us to truly understand, can you please provide more description?

Please provide greater detail on the following.
1.  Sit nice and high.  Please explain any activities where this might pose a problem?  Rollercoasters?  Swing sets?  Swimming pools?
2.  Doing everything you can to keep them in place.  Does this involve exercise?  Jumping jacks?  Jogging?  Gymnastics?

1. Swimming is okay, rollercoasters are another story. Arm crossing, however, is the worst.  :P
2. I generally try to keep my boobs out of my exercise.  ;D

(more like a sock with an orange in it!).  Tee hee.


Mine are almost unnaturally round instead of that nice teardrop everyone else seems to have. They're like halved watermelons. It's nice because they sit nice and high (well, for now, I'm only 21 after all), but it means that even if I have a bra that fits they spill out over the top and usually the sides. I'm doing everything I can to keep them in their place for as long as possible, even though it means sleeping in a bra every night no matter what. It's a real female dog when I have a sunburn.

Where do you want to practice? What sort of international? Combination of international and corporate? What type of corporate (that's so damn broad)? Any particular country you want to work with?

Without thinking more about it, there's no best answer.

Sweet Jesus, what have I started.  :o

I didn't see what twarga said as offensive, she's allowed to think I'm nuts for keeping em around... I think a lot of people think I am! I am a personal proponent of breast feeding but I know not everyone can, a good friend of mine had a problem similar to twarga's with her second one. The possibility of breast feeding isn't the *only* reason I'm keeping them around... for one, I'm young, and I really don't want scarring at this age, since while they're up where they are I'm happy to flaunt them a bit. Second, I'm hoping that what happens to my mom happens to me... a little bit of natural shrinkage after the kiddos come around. It would certainly be preferable. However, I am thoroughly resolved that somewhere between 35 and 40, if these suckers are still around, they're getting a slight downsize. :)


I think you have to consider the "booby-biter" that she might marry one day.  I can say that I am definitely opposed to breast reduction surgery.  Bad.  Very bad.

I already married that booby-biter :P He'd let me do whatever I wanted about them, though. He already knows the rent on them is frequent back rubbing, and he's okay with that.


Puhleeeeeze!  Breast-feeding is highly over-rated.  Especially if it means lugging around 2 boulders for the next 10-15 years in anticipation of some little booby-biter gnawing at your nipples for 6 months (been there- 2 kids).

Meh... breast milk is better for the kids, and it's bonding nonetheless. And they aren't honestly that much of a burden to lug around...
Anyway, if/when I get them reduced, it wouldn't be by that much. Down to a D/DD tops. I like being well endowed. I just wish more clothiers realized that there are women who are.

Two words... breast reduction.   :o
Believe me, I've considered it, but I don't want to do anything to damage the functionality of my boobs before I have a family.

PleaseMr- thanks for the info! I did look on google and found that the company Rebecca & Drew does it, but only up to a D. *sigh* Thanks though!

Minority Topics / Re: pagan law school
« on: July 16, 2005, 10:40:35 AM »
Like sugersh said, it definitely works both ways. I'm wiccan and didn't mention it anywhere. But with going for the Masters of Divinity, yeah, maybe it is worth mentioning. Most places aren't so religiously linked as they traditionally were... well, except places like BYU and some TTT's that you're obviously not interested in. :P

Law School Applications / Re: Best strategy for gettting a full ride?
« on: July 16, 2005, 12:04:56 AM »

Don't they ask you on the application which other schools you're applying to?

Some do, some don't. Don't know about these in particular. Regardless, you can use other acceptances as leverage if you aren't getting the offer you want after acceptance.

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