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this thread makes me happy.

my handwriting is HORRIBLE, and I type about 10 times faster than I write.
Ditto. Having to handwrite things actually hinders my thought process. Too many years of typing. Plus I was supposed to be a leftie but they forced me to write with my right hand.

That's not true at all. 1) Since you get to classify yourself, you can't lie. 2) There is no make sure he's black department at a law school. That would get them into a huge mess if the school starting calling some people black and some people white.  If you were mixed racially, would they expect you to produce a parent ot grandparent or great-grandparent of that race for proof? I work with someone who looks as white as anybody, has an anglo last name, but who's mother is Mexican.  Therefor, you can't get in trouble.

If you show up at a scholarship awards dinner and you are the only lilly-white guy in a group of very obviously minorities, yeah, I have a feeling they will be checking your qualifications, particularly if it's a private scholarship. School admissions... now that's a sticky situation. Just because they may not be able to kick you out doesn't mean it won't effect you adversely in another way.

I wasn't arguing, I was trying to help people improve their chances of getting accepted.
Or improve their chances of getting in deep *&^% with their law school.

By the way, are you insinuating that all blacks are trolls.  That's an interesting viewpoint.
Wow, you must have done really good on that logic game section. I called someone who wants people to cheat the system and hasn't posted a single useless message a troll, and that somehow extends to an entire group of people to whom I didn't know the posted belonged... yeah, that follows perfectly logically  ::)

P.S- if you want to argue about AA, do so on the board made for it... conveniently labelled Affirmitive Action on the main page... or is that too hard to locate?

Law School Admissions / Re: Northwestern interview
« on: July 19, 2005, 06:48:33 PM »
And I wasn't trying to sell anything, again I was just trying to find out who would fall for it. Having some fun.  You guys are much too serious.  Everyone just needs to relax.  It's amazing how emotional people get on discussion boards.  It's like reading a Mac vs. Windows debate.  You people won't last long in the real world.  A mail scam is not the best thing to have on your record for the Bar. Duh!
But lying about minority status is?

You're beyond obnoxious. Between this, your URM thread, and your sage advice for everyone to simply look to LSAC instead of asking other students and applicants, you are obviously the most valuable contributer this message board has ever had. Yeah, you'll do great in the real world yourself, or at least until you piss off the wrong person walking down the street and they sock you a well-deserved one.

My 4.0, 172 LSATs, and 4 scientific journal articles speak for themselves. I wasn't referring to any typing mistakes but to his comment in general.

And why would anyone here believe an arrogant troll who, with those supposed statistics, somehow still needs to pretend he's a URM?


Another well spoken pre-law student.  Had trouble with those LSATs, did we?

Better spoken than the person who wrote the, um, sentence for lack of a better word: "Anyone can be an Under represented minorities".

Law School Admissions / Re: Northwestern interview
« on: July 19, 2005, 06:24:30 PM »
be sure to put that on your apps under  "honors and awards".....

Right under his made up URM status.

I doubt you read that thread at 15 pages long, or at least long enough to discern that BigTex was a regular poster and honestly no person would have a reason to make stuff like that up (furthermore, many people argued that they said he was dishonest when he mentioned he was going to do it in the first place).

Being an EE major means nothing. It means that's what you want to go into now, and what you should, logically, have the background for, but still means jack shitt before you even apply. It does not mean it's what you're going to do. I say I want to go into corporate transaction because I have already done classes for it and greatly enjoyed it. It's pretty equivalent to what you say qualifies you to make the same statement.

You are the reason the law profession has such a sullied name. I don't understand your motivation. Wouldn't you be happier to achieve on your own damn merits? Or are they so lacking that you can't?

Oh, and here's a link, since I'm sure you're as lazy as you are dishonest:,27879.0.html

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