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Acceptances / Re: Unbelievable
« on: April 27, 2005, 03:15:20 AM »
While I agree that the above poster sounds fishy, I wanted to add something to the conversation.  I was placed on the preferred waitlist at georgetown and admitted for 2006.  I received an e-mail just recently that sounds very much like the one the OP claims to have received. The first paragraph:

I am e-mailing you today with some news from Georgetown Law Center. 
Our policy does not allow us to give decisions by e-mail, but I can
say this--when you receive your letter today, I feel certain you will
be pleased (subtle enough?).

Kind if a dumb policy since there is no way to take that as anything but a decision, but i suppose they can do what they like, i don't really care.  So, while the overturned rejection thing does seem out of wack, it does seem that it is either true, or the OP at least knows someone that got this e-mail.  Regardless, I am elated without being confused since i would have waited out the year rather than settle.

This is my first post, but I have been lurking since December and never really felt like I had anything productive to add until now.  Very happy to be goin to law school next year (let the deposit deadlines pass on some other schools on purpose.)

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