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oh, and UMICH too.  i'll call i guess. thanks

The fact that he has a liberal reputation will not hurt you.  Even if someone doesn't agree with him, I'm sure they respect him in a professional sense.  DEFINITELY go for it!

Harvard and Columbia prefer direct LORs

I did an internship at a non-profit legal organization this summer.  The attorney whom I worked with is writing me a rec.  The president of the organization, however, has agreed to cowrite/cosign the rec (she is well known in her field and a columbia alum).  She is also the mother of 2 students in my classes (I'm currently a teacher). 

Whose name should I put on LSAC's form?  Will my mentor attorney be insulted/write me a worse rec if I put the president's name?

what do you thinK?

Well I'm using LSAC service for the schools that prefer it.  For the ones that want the letter sent directly I was going to do that. 

But does anyone know?

If one of my recommenders' letters arrives at a school before the rest of my application... is that OK?  will the school just start a file on me?  Please only respond if you know for SURE>  thanks!  -Laura

Do I ask my recommenders to send the LOR to me or to LSDAS?

I will have been out of school for 4 1/2 years when I apply to law school.  For the first two years I was working as a health education counselor in a non-profit clinic for teens.  For the next 3 years, a Coordinator of Health Ed at a school. 
I'm also doing an internship full time this summer at a non-profit law center. 
I was going to get a rec from the president of the Law place (where my internship is) and also the Head of the school I work at now.  PLus I was going to ask an old teacher from college for one.  But the thing is-- i don't know any profs from college that well.  I'm going to pick the one I had the best relationship with, the one I did more related coursework with and who will remember me the most. 
Can you guys give me some feedback on all that?  I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm nervous b/c my LSAT is 170, but GPA is only 3.4 (thought it's from a good/hard school) so I feel like I DO need a good academic rec.  What do you guys think?

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