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Now that Macs can run windows... If one were to buy one of these new Macs would it even matter if your school prefers PCs?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Study Groups
« on: May 16, 2006, 05:13:30 PM »
So I am wondering about whether or not it's a good idea to join a study group.   I'm sure there are both positive and negative aspects to it... What are you guys planning on doing?  How do you choose people for your study group?  I keep reading that they form during orientation week usually, but it seems like kind of a crapshoot that way.  What do you all think?

yeah legapp, brooklyn heights was a nice area to grow up in... and the west village is a great place to live now.  my parents still live on montague street (that's where i am now in fact).  i used to live in gowanus (3rd & carrolll) right next to park slope...

hey purple,
I grew up in bklyn heights but live in the west village now. I went to st. ann's & stuy for high school. how about you?

I'm from nyc, born and raised (minus 4 years in college in ohio).  I like to think I'm nice.  I guess I am confrontational.  But like some of you said, I think it's in a good way.  And definitely not so much with people I don't know.

Yeah I already sigend the lease.  They're all condos now and mine just underwent a 25k renovation complete with hard cherry wood floors and a brand new kitchen.  oh well i hope it works out.  if not it's only for a year, right? 
I also find the problem with is that people pretty much only post to complain and not write the good stuff.  Maybe i'm just telling myself that... But I'm pretty excited, it's a really nice apartment and includes gas/electric/heat/hotwater, cable anda  gym, w/d, & d/w........

oh my god, I totally wanted a washer/dryer in my apartment (I've never had that it just seems like the best thing ever) but i guess i'm settling for one in my building...

What are the rents at the Hub?

Which building are you in goodgal?  I'm in the Riverwest on 21st & chestnut

yes, I just saw the daily candy thing too!
I was also upset about Fresh Direct, I was counting on it.... But I think I'm only like 2 blocks away from Trader Joe's.  I definitely like to cook and am hoping I'll have some time to do that...

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