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Does anyone have Tony Henry's (dir of fin aid) email address?  I seem to have misplaced his card.  Thanks!

I haven't gotten anything yet!

my bf is definitely taking the photos for me.  I already informed him we'll be having a little photo shoot in the next few days!

I'm going to take it myself too to make sure it's a good one.  I was going to print it on photo paper and then trim down to passport size (2"x3" I think)

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« on: May 24, 2006, 07:02:57 PM »
when people actual do the LEEWS seminar, do they do it during the first semester of law school?  Because when I looked at the schedule that's when they all seem to occur.

yeah, it's the dog walking while having to be in law school that seems overwhelming.  But i'll be living alone and the kitty company will be really nice.

It does involve time and money but the payoff of having an animal is just priceless.  not to sound cheesy.... I wouldn't even THINK of leaving behind my kitties. Plus I made sure to get an apartment with hardwood floors so it would be easier to clean.

I'm bringing my two kitties.

hee.  i wish i was a cat!  what a good life they have.  well, that's if they have a great owner, like me!  are you guys bringing your pets with you?

I just got my daily candy philly too!

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