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 So do you think schools like Michigan or even Georgetwon might be a stretch if I do get a 170 ?

Choosing the Right Law School / big dreams and small numbers
« on: September 25, 2005, 11:06:04 AM »
Great tag line no ? lol.

Okay-I really need some advice. I'm trying to figure out which law schools I should apply to and which ones would likely lead me to the pain of rejection. I have a 3.4 GPA (3.75 in my area of study) and let's say 170 LSAT (I'm taking my LSAT in December-I'm sure I can improve it by at least 10 points).

I'm hoping my background can make up for my lackluster numbers. I really want to get into Michigan (they have a great international law program) but I'm wondering if it's going to be a stretch. What top schools do you think I have a chance of getting into ?

I'm applying to:
U Michigan
University of Maryland
University of Richmond
University of Washington

and I'm adding some safeties. But is this list unrealistic ?

I'd really appreciate it if you guys can give any advice on this. much thanks

I'd be willing to take a look at anyones.

I haven't started mine yet but I'd be happy to give it a look. PM me.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: December LSAT Woes...So many disadvantages?
« on: September 24, 2005, 09:52:09 AM »
I've decided to take the December LSAT as well-mainly because I'm sure I can increase my score by 10 points by then (hopefully it's worth it). While my GPA is only 3.4 I have a very interesting background/experience (actually extremely interesting) so this should counteract the negatives of applying late. My top choice is Michigan by the way.

From what I've read so far, applying early is definately an advantage but there's some doubt as to how much you lose by applying late-I guess it depends on who you speak to. I've heard people tell me that they would not have been waitlisted if they had applied earlier and I've heard others say it makes no significant difference-I don't know about the financial aid aspect though. So in the end, it all depends on you. My view ? I say to hell with it, I'm taking it December !!  :P

Studying for the LSAT / Re: 20 days to study - Silently freaking out...
« on: September 07, 2005, 05:45:46 PM »
I was feeling perfectly fine and in fact quite confident until I opened this damn topic. Thanks guys.

p.s. by the way, how long have some of you guys been studying for ?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Too late to start studying for the Oct LSAT?
« on: August 15, 2005, 05:33:30 PM »
I'm in the same boat and have posted a similar topic. I've been told that 6 weeks is plenty of time to prepare, particularly if you are motivated and willing to spend every waking hour studying (I exaggerate but u get the idea). Waiting till December is a bad idea-you'll have more hurdles to jump through when I you start applying later. Hope that helps

Law School Admissions / Re: October or December ?? arrghhh !!!
« on: August 15, 2005, 05:28:28 PM »
I'd say take it in October with out hesitation.  You still have a month and a half and that's all you really need to study for the test.  Personally I "overstudied" if that makes any sense and saw my scores peak then fall.  Had I done it again, I would have studied for about 7 or eight weeks and been done with it.  There's not all that much skillwise to learn for the test.  Good luck!

Hey thanks guys. I'll definately hit the books for the next month and a half and will sign up for the October test. Considering what some of you have said about being waitlisted if you wait later to apply than it looks like I don't have a choice  :-\

Hey jeb, from what I understand you can take your lsat wherever you are. If you happen to be in Mongolia and no lsat centers exist, I believe you have to pay something like $300 to set one up near you, well in advance ofcourse, and voila, you're on your way.

I  have one last question: for those of you who've been studying for the october test, how long have you been studying for?

thanks again.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Reading Books (and lots of them)....
« on: August 13, 2005, 01:13:27 PM »
Yep, reading never hurts. But it has to be something that you've been doing doing over a long period of time.  Not even reading Ghandi's biography would help you if you start picking  up books 3 weeks before the lsat.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: YES! I am a procastrinator ?
« on: August 13, 2005, 01:09:49 PM »
Well, that one way could lead to a pretty bumpy ride and in some cases a dead end-that's why I'm asking.  ;)

I'm most likely going to study like crazy anyway and see what kind of scores I'm getting nearing October. But I'm trying to find out if this is something that has been done before. Are there other people who've been in the same situation and have pulled it off ? Is it possible, probable, likely....?

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