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Current Law Students / Re: Law Firms - Background Check?
« on: July 13, 2005, 05:46:39 AM »
I work for a law firm where we have had problems with clients not mentioning prior arrests when they were going for background checks for guardianships and bond applications.  What I have learned is this - DO NOT LIE!  if they ask on the application, put yes.  WHen it comes up have an explanation.  It is a simple as that.  People think they won't get caught, but you will, and if you lied, you are immediately disqualified.  They don't care if the lie was about jaywalking and you were embarrassed - they see your integrity in the situation and that you will lie when asked to speak the truth.  HTH

DId you use recorders in undergrad?  I graduated a long time ago, and just finished 5 paralegal courses at my local community college and did it without recording them.  I have no experience with the digital recorders and just wonder if it is really necessary/worthwhile.  I just don't have enough hours in the day to relisten to them due to family obligations.  Any additional info would be appreciated.  Thanks


I think you need to use what you feel comfortable with.  Mess around witht he programs this summer and see which one you like best.  Word and Wordperfect are a lot alike, however, like I said it seems like law firms tend to use WordPerfect - again, that may just be with the ones I have been in contact with.  Any typing skills will serve you well as a lawyer - even if you have an assistant and paralegal you will still do a tremendous amount of typing.

  I am not familiar with One NOte - what is the recording feature?

I did look into Dragon Naturally Speaking - a friend mentioned that recording and then having the computer transcribe it sounded like a good idea, but the more I looked into it, I didn't think it would work in a lecture hall.


YOu really need to work on your anger management and variety of responses

If this is YOUR thread ( I didn't realize we would claim ownership to a thread) then stay on topic if you don't want anyone else to go off topic.

We use Wordperfect at the office to do merge documents with Time Matters and TIme Slips which a lot of legal offices use - the experience working with it in school will be positive for the "real world".  ALso, there is a Legal Toolbar on wordperfect which sets up an outline and other features which I have yet to use. 


Current Law Students / Re: Day vs. Evening Programs
« on: June 20, 2005, 05:14:48 PM »
my .02 - I turned down FIU evening program ( price tag $8k per year) because it was 4 nights a week for 4 years, and am going to St Thomas ( $25K per year) for 3 years - I just want to get it over with.  I have 2 kids, so my situation is different than yours.  I think if you can swing not working for 1 year, and then working PT the next two, suck it up for 3 years and go days- that way you may be poor for three years, but you will have a chance at a life and some time with your sweetie.

Good luck in whatever you decide

Current Law Students / Re: Day vs. Evening Programs
« on: June 17, 2005, 02:40:26 PM »
I have read this thread with interest and I must say I am breathing a sigh of relief..

I am giving up my part time job to go to school full time in the fall for the same reasons as Todd.  I have 2 young kids, and a very supportive significant other.  I am approaching school as my 9 - 5 job - I know I can't hang out during the day - I need to study while at school.  I hope that I can then pick up my kids at after care and spend the evening with them, and finish up with any remaining work after they go to bed at 8:30 and on the weekends.  It's nice to know that someone has actually acoomplished this plan - thanks for making my day!! :D

Having read everyone's thoughts on this, three things come to mind.

3. How can you not know if there are lockers? Did you not visit the school? I visited 5 schools, had a tour at each one, and was shown lockers on all 5 tours. I can't imagine deciding on a school without even visiting first.
Hmmm...maybe the reason i did not visit the school is because it is IN CALIFORNIA AND I AM IN NYC!!!. Not everyone has a gazillion dollars to go anywhere they please and at anytime. GEEEZ.   

I'M RICK JAMES female dog!

You are going to spend the next three years of your life at this schooland a minimum of $75K and you don't want to spend $500 to see the place first??  Makes me wonder......

As far as the scanning - the paper that you usually use on a scanner/copier is a different weight than book paper - therefore it jam much easier.  I just don't think scanning is as error free as people think - at least not in my experience.  At work we scan in client documents so we can work from home, and you have to sit there with the scanner while they feed in.  It also takes up a very large amount on your hard drive if you scan a lot of pages.  Just something to think about. 

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