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I heard on the radio about a lady who was ordered by a federal immigration judge not to work because she was convicted of a felony which she served a full term for. She wasnt a US citizen, but was from a country we don't physically deport to. Therefore, after she was released she went about her business, completing community service and the other terms of her sentence. Since the crime was larceny and the stolen item was never recovered, she was ordered to pay restitution to the victim. Unable to pay the restitution, her probation department recommended 1-3 years in prison. She apparently was sent back to prison by the state court.

First this sounds like debtors prison.

Second, how in the hell are you gonna pay restitution when you have a federal court ordering you not to work? If you violate that order, there's probably strict penalties.

Is it just me or is there something CLEARLY wrong here?

My law school did not teach that C & U punishment in con law 1 or 2. I didn't take sentencing or adjudication, so if it pops up there, I havent been exposed.

To me it just seems like it obviously is wrong and somebody badly screwed up. 

Im a third year at a T2 school. So far I have matched As with Cs and B+s with C+s to have just over a 3 point. This semester, I decided to really get after it and challenge myself. I took 16 very challenging credits, with 5 in class and curved exams. I also worked 2 jobs throughout the semester. As the semester neared finals, I knew I was really going to have to kick it into high gear. That's what I did. I stayed pretty calm and executed meticulously. Everything seemingly went amazing. I felt so good that I have just put in so many 16 hour days and every exam was possibly A work. It was the hardest I have worked in law school, and the first time Ive finished finals with a positive feeling of how I did.

First Grade IN: Estate and Gift Tax - C+ 2.5 - This exam was very difficult. Possibly the hardest exam I have taken in law school and it was only 50 MC. It took my a full 3 hours to take it. He then fead it trough the machine and gave me the disappointing grade I deserved.

Next Grade IN: Business Enterprise Tax - A 4.0 - This exam was a total beast. I spent days going through the code sections and,annotating them. The test itself was 45 MC (the 6or 7 answer kind) and then 4 30-50min essays. It was so hard, but that A means a lot to me. Many say it is the hardest class at law school so it was a minor triumph.

Next Grade IN: International Law - C 2.0 - This one almost gave me a f-ing heart attack. It was supposed to be my easiest class "oh he doesnt give Cs in there" I did the reading, participated, studied a lot, and then took his super subjective 3 essay final exam. Spent 3 hours writing about traty obligations, torture, the environment, and left knowing I had just ripped an A or maybe a B+. No idea whats going on with this one. Im gonna have to dispute it.

Ethics IN: C+ 2.5 - Another god old C+. I thought I dominated this exam also. Another purely inexplainable grade.

Secured Transactions waiting.......

So I get a terrible schedule of 5 exams in 7 gays. I make the best out of it, study my ass off, go into every test feeling good, leave feeling good. Then I get kicked in the crotch from the grades. 4 pointing hard hard classes and 2 pointing easy ones.

Law school is so lame. I want to do an LLM really badly in tax or corporate and I keep running through these dumb classes that I should be smoking and leave with mediocre grades. Now I hope to God this last semester didnt pull the ru under from my llm plans.

Current Law Students / How are lexis and westlaw student reps compensated?
« on: February 06, 2006, 10:31:34 PM »
Seems like a pretty easy job and beneficial thing to put on a resume'

How are they compensated?

Im assuming they have some work experience, but I guess if one was having trouble finding a nice job in the first place this might be a good thing to do before entering the job market...

I liked the emmanuels A LOT for civ pro and contracts.

Current Law Students / Getting legal advice from professors?
« on: January 14, 2006, 01:28:34 PM »
Are there any problems with asking a professor for legal advice? My parents are getting sued over pure garbage relating to some property issues and a shoddy contract. The lady suing them is a complete moron and is basing her entire complaint off of a contract that directly involved my dad, but was signed without his knowledge by somebody else who certainly wasnt an agent of his. He has some procedural type questions that could easily be answered by a prof with little familiarity with the situation. I just don't want to commit some big no-no if in fact it is wrong to ask.

Current Law Students / Sorry....What are the best Outlines?
« on: October 07, 2005, 04:23:54 PM »
I remember a while ago I saw that someone listed the best outlines for each class and there was a large consensus that this was correct. I am skeptical that an outline can really be that much better than another, but who knows? I thought that about LSAT prep and then found the powerscores to be much better than the rest. Im mainly looking for a contracts one. Thanks and sorry if this is a redundant topic.

Current Law Students / What the hell are schools in New Orleans doing?
« on: August 30, 2005, 05:36:40 PM »
This applies to all schools obviously, but does anyone here go to Tulane or Loyola? It looks like that city is going to be out of commission for a pretty long time. I guess you just have to pack your bags up and start over next year.

I looked online and the webpages are down for all of them right now.

Im not sure how this would be determined, but I would like to see an expansive list. A quick google search turned up little.

Obviously a list would look at number of attorneys, but there are lots of intagibles that could make "smaller" markets easily compete with a city like DC. A friend was telling me that Houston has one of the largest legal markets in the country. I think he said it was top five. At first, I thought that seemed crazy and then the more I thought about it, I could come up with a whole host of reasons why that could be possible.

I'd also like to see where cities in the 200,000-800,000 population rank.

This is from my grandfather who is very weary about me going to Toledo. So weary that he called this professor and spoke to him this morning. This is his version of what was said:

This morning I spoke for approximately 40 minutes with John A. Barret ( Law Prof. at subject school ). He did his under-grad work at Amherst and his Law degree from Harvard. He was entirely candid about U. of Toledo and comparison to the other schools you are accepted at. Florida Coastal was founded by some People from U of Toledo and he sais they were not our best. In comparing Univ. of Toledo to other schools he said the following . We are about on a par with Wayne State. In Ohio he ranked Ohio State, Univ. of Cinn and Case Western ahead of U. of Toledo. He stated that a couple of years ago U of Toledo decided to downsize their enrollment and raise their entrance requirements , in order to raise the standing of their school. He strongly supports that concept. As a Prof. John told me he has the reputation of giving the two hardest exams and admitted that the reputation was correct. He made the following specific recomendations :

    Understand that Law School is nothing like undergrad work. Your Law Studies will be all consuming of your time. There will be no time for anything but study and school.


You must Graduate in the top 10% of your class. If you do so, the world is open to you and quite frankly if you don't you would probably have been better off to have not spent the money on Law School.

In the Spring of your First Year there is an oppoirtunity to try out for the "Law Review" By all means do so and be sure you make the cut. Employers are looking for two things when hiring.... Top 10% of Class and Writing for " Law Review "
     He also told me that in addition to a strong local reputation in both Ohio and Michigan, that a lot of their Grads go to Atlanta and Phoenix. These two later locations are due to some strong alums that come back every year to hire from the top 10%. He added that they don't even talk with the other 90%.

 He told me that school is now out until orientation but that he will be there all summer. He would be happy to meet you and even invited you for lunch if you would like. He is there all the time except he will be gone from this friday thru next wednesday. If you want to visit it would give you an opportunity to see the campus and get a feel for things.

I hope this info. is helpful.   

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