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oh, and just an fyi...i just did a search on martindale under entertainment and sports law and tj and came up with no results...the total results for tj are pretty limited too...

the best way to contact alums is just to find them on your own...many firm websites have attorney profiles...try to find some with tj attorneys...or, use martindale to find tj attorneys to contact (probably the best/most efficient method)...i wouldn't use the alum the school provides since i would assume they will naturally bias in favor of the school...

i'm not sure, i don't think it's a "you must transfer after 1L" policy as much as it is a "we won't let you transfer any credits but your 1L credits" which case, if you've gone through 2L, you don't want to waste an entire year's worth of classes so i think most people just wouldn't even try to transfer at that point...

i mean, if it's a typical campus tour (like the ones they give daily), just ask whatever questions you have...don't worry about attire or etiquette (just don't be a prick)...odds are, the person leading you will not play a role in your admission (esp. if it's a student) so to treat it as if it would play a factor into whether or not you get in would be silly...

i noticed a trend here where 0Ls think that their campus visit will make a significant some impact on their odds at getting into the school, and from my personal experience, that's so far from the truth it's not even funny...they give tours often and will barely remember your face let alone your name...and if it's a student leading the tour, even if they remember you, they can't do anything about your chances...

yea, if they don't care where u get your jd from, u might as well just go wherever it'll be cheapest or wherever it is u'll be happiest at...of course this is assuming that there's damn near 0% chance that u'll want to do anything else...if you want to do anything else, i'd recommend against tj

um...check out the facilities? not sure what u're looking for's a campus visit...wat advice can you need? i guess the only thing is try to go when students are around...hopefully school year (which by now means august or later) so you can see how the students actually are...

here's my seem to be getting into the sports law market based on these connections care where you go to school? if not, then tj is just fine...if so...(and this is coming from someone that goes to school in SD), stay away from tj...while cal western is also a T4 in sd, their rep is in no way, on the other hand, i can't say it's bad, but i've also heard VERY little about it...which can't be good...and, to be quite honest, i suspect people just don't want to talk down about the school

haha, well, it wasn't easy, that's for sure...but i don't think it something that should have been easy...there were just a bunch of sub-issues that i thought would play a role and it was hard to narrow down exactly the issues/elements that were the most important...

if it makes you feel better, your work was great...mine was pure crap

i did...but it was pure crap... :-\

on the bright side, i know the bluebook a hell of a lot better now

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