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It's a fun place.. we had a giant section E party (and we're second years!) last week. 

Dude, I've still yet to see that NSX on campus.

yea, it's a commuter school...but the law school is basically one giant community...i guess to answer your question easily, i honestly think that to not make friends here, the problem is with you, not the school  ;)

and yes, i'm sort of from alhambra (last place i lived before sd)...didn't grow up there, but parents moved there a few years ago so that's where i end up when i go back to LA

i think most law schools are commuter schools...but, yes, i'd definitely call usd a commuter far as neighborhoods, my preference (in order): la jolla/utc, mission valley, clairemont..i'd have more info for u, but i'm super tired right now and will have to end it short...let me/us know if u have more questions...someone will answer it

first, i gotta give a shout out to alhambra!

as far as job prospects go, i wouldn't worry about it...i'm not going to lie, career services here isn't the best, but if you take active steps yourself to find work, i doubt you'll have a super hard far as leaving sd...the problem with usd and employment outside of sd is the fact that very few actually want to leave sd once they're here...alums don't leave, people don't know what it's like to work with us which makes it harder for us to get a national rep...that's why the school tries to get some of us to go elsewhere to work...

invest in a car...there aren't that many housing options within walking distance and people live all over the far as ease of studying goes, doesn't matter where you's unlikely you're going to be walking over to someone's place to study...more likely than not, you'll be in the writs or the library...

as far as the students go, like yanks, that was a huge factor for me in deciding which school to go to...when i visited last year, the students seemed the most genuinely happy out of all the schools i visited...i don't regret my decision to come here one bit...

Pepperdine seems like they gamed the rankings real well this year...

I say USD, but keep an eye out for bar passage/employment numbers answer your question (van), basically pepperdine and usd did a switch in rank this year after being where they were last year for years...

where do you want to live?

/wave at fellow EE Patent law!

They're both in the same state, so the location is mostly out of the question. Santa Clara is ranked 8th in IP law, while San Diego doesn't even show up. Does this really matter though, not really, it just means there is likely to be more IP classes offered at Santa Clara. It is really going to come down more to which costs less, is cooler looking and you just have an overall better feeling towards.

Start looking at the patent bar, that will probably help your job prospects more than picking between two similar schools.

not quite accurate...cali is a HUGE state and it does = so cal, scu = bay area...imo, sd is a "better" school, but let's face it, they're both regional and nor cal and so cal are not really the same region so if you want to be in the bay, go for scu

108've decided? I'll throw in my .02 anyways.

Go to the region you'd rather be in. SCU has a decent rep for IP law, mainly because it's in the heart of silicon valley. The only problem I have with SCU being known for IP/Patent law is whether or not they're known for it because that's essentially ALL they can place their people into (I don't mean that literally, I merely mean do they have a hard time getting their alum into everything else). I really don't know, I merely pose it as a possibility. I honestly don't know how different they could possibly be from everywhere else. I mean, I would think if you want to get into a top firm, you still have to finish at the top of your class. I don't question the possibility, however, that they're better for IP/patent law because there may be more smaller/medium firms in that region that deals with IP/patent. Just keep in mind you're still competing with Stanford, Boalt, Hastings, Davis, and probably USF.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: LALSD let the thread die on its own!
« on: May 12, 2007, 02:04:58 AM »
holy cow it's alive!!!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Houston or Cal Western
« on: May 06, 2007, 01:11:54 AM »
I would prefer to live and work in San Diego.  But Houston is ranked T1 and CalWestern is not.  Would I have tough time finding a job competeing with graduates from USD?

Don't go to Cal Western. I don't care what these guys say, choose that T1! You should have applied to Santa Clara as well since they are known for their IP program.

Roman, you have no idea what you're talking about (no offense). Yes, Cal Western is T4, but if you want to work in SD, it's still better than Houston.

Edit: ok, in retrospect, that was kind of mean, so I'll substantiate it a little more. Cal Western is T4, but it is still pretty well respected (considering its T4 status) in SD. Yes, Houston is the "better" school, but you'll have an easier time finding work in SD coming from Cal Western than Houston. Attorneys in SD simply don't say "eww, Cal Western T4, go away."

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