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Oh I hope those are good vibes coming my way, today on LSN I saw someone w/ almost my same numbers get denied from Golden Gate.... now I am really nervous..... oh my.

I do hope we all hear soon.... it seems like we've been waiting so long for this....

Mail Call:

and nothing,

how bout Wolfie and Werbz?  Anyone anything????

Golden Gate....

I'm still on pending island!

Thanks everyone for the kind words :)

Let us hope that we three all hear some good news soon!!

Congrats Buttah!  Werbz... its you and I to the finish line, we will hear this week..... good news, I'm sure.

Yanky,  I think you made the right decision!

Still on pending island.....

Thanks robo, werbz, yanky, db, everryone for the positive vibes. This has been a hard week and you guys picked me up. I will keep my chin up till I get my last answer.... For those of you finished with the cycle, I am so happy for you all and hope that law school is everything you want it to be!!!! For those very few of us still waiting, let us hope yanky is right and that they are finding a spot for us!


Thanks for asking. I am not having a good week(my roomates lost job so they cant afford their portion of rent for who knows how long, etc etc etc) and my best friends wedding is on Sat(civil war themed.... hoop skirts and all -- I paid $215 for my dress which isnt finished being sewn yet....) AND I STILL HAVEN'T HEARD FROM GOLDEN GATE.... which may be the saddest things of all:(:(  I haven't called Golden Gate in 2 weeks or so as last time the person answering the phone told me i went complete on April 23rd and I should hear back by end of May(when in ACTUALITY I have been complete since mid march and in review since then per previous letter and conversations w/ GGU-- and should have hear back by end of April:(   

I don't know what to think or do.... so I guess I kind of have given up.

I hope your phone call goes better and at least they can tell you why they are so mixed up....

Good Luck!


Thank You for the good wishes.... it seems like they take a long while to process the apps.... :(  Good luck w/ law school!!!!! and thanks again for the info!

Sorry Yanky.... I know how much that stung....

You have got to believe that you will be going to the best school for you.... and I know you will succeed! :)

My mail call:  yesterday (a please apply to detroit mercy in a big white envelope) sad..... Today: nothing, even sadder :-[


I could only imagine how hard that will be.... I wish the both of you the best!  Hopefully three years from now you two will be able to laugh at all the craziness....

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