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Hey you guys.... Just wanted to check in.... Anyone heard anything else?  Nothing in the mail for me on Mon/Tues...waiting for this, THE LAST -- is the hardest. Werbz it is good to come up w/ back up plan(mine is retake and start again in Fall) but re you do still have Case out there.... and maybe theyll have extra money, you never know.


I am SO sorry... Case is still out there though (I know how hard it is with only one school left and needing the money to work out right to make it a go)...

Im sending you an e-hug..... and wishing for money/any type from Case for you!!!!

Just wanted to check in(my mail comes in 2 hours) and I am apt to lose weight this week as I am sick to my stomache w/ nerves... I know Golden Gate said 2 weeks but i live close(45 min away) so it really could come soon.....

Glad your still breathing werbz.... Im reminding myself to ;)


I agree... we all will either hear this week.... or know, comforting as it is, that those letters should be in the mail by the end of the week....

i hope for good things for everyone.....

 ;D ;D ;D


To all still waiting..... I hope someone hears something today or Sat....... we can't all wait for the last week in May, after all ;)

Just wanted to say "congrats"... and I'm glad you found the school that was meant for you ;)

Welcome boomer.... I should be here in nowhere pending land for at least 2 more weeks... i know wolfie is also(i think) still waiting.....

Since I am not apt to hear for a while I am sending all the good vibes out to you all... may you all have positive decisions soon.....

Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you, I called Golden Gate and they said I should hear my decision in the next "two weeks".... so there you go -- prob nothing till the end of the month...

At least I know I don't have to check the mail too ser this week......



Thanks for the insight.... at least it lets me cling to hope a lil while longer :-\

Thanks Lane,

My tummy thinks that was an odd breakfast but I fuond it comforting nonetheless ;D

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