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I *hope* late April starts soon.... I am still waiting for responses from the 2 whole entire schools I applied for, granted i took the Feb LSAT(I hate hats).... I am enrolling my daughter for preschool and my son for kindergarten this week.... But mommy still has no clue what she'll be doing in the fall :P


Here is to mailboxes full of accept letters this week!!!!

Sorry bout the no news Kitty.... At least you have a good backup:):):)I once again had an empty mailbox....

I bit the bullet and called Santa Clara and was told my app is "still w/ commitee"... since they've had admit students day and (i think the seat deposit deadline has passed) i just dont know what to think. ???

Figuring I am having such a strike out day, I gave Golden Gate a call only to hear them say "im still in review but should hear w/ in the next 2 1/2 weeks".... :-\

Oh well. At least I dont need to maul the mailman on the way to taking my four little ones to see the Wiggles Live tomorrow. LOL! ;D

I'm wishing the best for everyone!!!! :)

Mail call... and nothing :(

At least it was a "hold" but i feel your frust.... I just don't understand the adcomms...


HELLO, it is April, we would like an affirm  yes or a no.... >:(

please!! ;D

Maybe I should email the adcomms with the heading "S O S"


I know how hard it is too decide.... For me with four children(5 years and under), I only applied to local schools with part time programs.... They are third and fourth tier but I am fine with that....If I can go to law school and stay at home with my kids until they all enter Kindergarten.... I think it would be the best of both worlds. Good luck to you!!! I am sure you'll make the right decision:)

Just wanted to send out an SOS, I'm still lost in pending land....
I hope we all hear something soon.... the wait is hard but not as bad as the daily trip to the mailbox :P   

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