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Incoming 1Ls / Re: State residency?
« on: April 04, 2005, 08:07:02 AM »
I hear PA is difficult... was wondering if anyone has experience with PA residency and if buying a home would impact your chances of gaining residency for 2L and 3L

Having a year to prepare for law school can turn you into a paranoid anal-retentive... also, working with three law students and a recent law grad provides lots of free resources/books... so, to that end, I've read, or am currently reading -

Bramble Bush
Introduction to Legal Reasoning
The West "Nutshell" book on every 1L subject
Law School Confidential
The Law School Confidential recommended study guide for each 1L subject
A buddy's CivPro and Contracts case book
A People's History of the Supreme Court
Starting Off Right in Law School
Acing Your First Year of Law School
Turow's Ultimate Punishment
The Common Law
Main Justice by McGee and Duffy
The Prosecutors by Delsohn
A number of fiction titles to mix things up

I've been told by many I'm an idiot and crazy and will be burned out on all of this waaaay before I go to school... however, I don't think so... I've been waiting a while to go, am excited about the law, and have a lot of free time... also, I'm not studying all of this, I'm just reading it... my retention is about 20%... however, my total out of pocket is significantly less than a law school prep course and I think I've gotten about the same amount of info as I would at one of those...

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