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I'm actually back on to ThinkPads.  I made several calls to their sales people and then did way too much research online and narrowed my choices down to two T42s and two T43s, one 14.1" and one 15" screen from each model.  I get a tremendous discount (IMO) through their SUNY program.  I also spoke with them about upgrading to on-site repair service and it'll be about $110 extra to do that, compared with a few hundred at Dell.  I also got the guy to wave shipping costs.  Here's what I'm leaning towards:

T43 model# 2668-94U
M760, 2.0Ghz processor
15" SXGA+ Screen
X300 video card
60GB Ultra high-speed HD
DVD/CD Combo (reads DVDs, writes CDs)
a/b/g wireless w/ Bluetooth
Fingerprint security

Price, after tax and shipping - $2082.11

That price doesn't include an on-site service upgrade, just the standard 3-year warranty.  The other models I'm looking at are all around $200 cheaper, but lacking in certain areas.  However, I just read a recent review of the T43 on C|Net which didn't rate that highly.  They said the T42 actually outperformed it in certain areas.  So that has me on pause right now.  I'm back and forth.  Luckily I have some time to dwell on it.  I don't plan on making the purchase for at least another month.  Hopefully more reviews will be out on the T43 by then and possibly newer models might be introduced, or prices reduced.  We'll see.

Would it were for just notes.  The laptop will become a second desktop for me as well, which is why any price I quote has to include a docking station as well.  In addition, practicing law is becoming increasingly tech-heavy and I'd like a laptop that could handle some other stuff if needed, particularly in second and third year externships and the like.

Go with the ThinkPad - Depot service is fine: They pay for shipping, so unless you're running servers, you really don't need on-site service.

The issue is really can I be apart from my laptop for an extended period of time?  Granted, I have desktop which I will be using as backup, and will keep most of my important stuff on USB keys to be safe, but any time I am without my laptop in class cuts back on my note-taking ability (theoretically).  So, if Dell can solve the problem in one day by having a guy come to my house with a new whatever, then isn't that better than taking the laptop to some shop and not knowing when I'll have use of it again?  Granted, I'm not really THAT worried about the ThinkPad breaking down - I'm actually more worried of that happening to a Dell, but peace of mind on that repair front is my deciding factor as of tonight.  Could change tomorrow though.

I'm no longer sold on the T43 deal.  After speaking with IBM, their warranty service is depot-only, meaning I would have to drop off the laptop at a repair center if it broke and they would mail it back.  I'm not so sure I want to do that during law school.  So I did some more looking and found a deal on a Dell 6000 through Dell's education site.  Specs are almost the same as T43, M760 (2Ghz) processor, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD, DVD burner, ATI X300 video card, plus extra 9-cell battery and expansion dock for only $2,100 shipped.  This includes Dell's 4-year on-site NBD warranty w/ accidental damage coverage.  The laptop weighs slightly more than the T43, but has built in bluetooth, a larger screen and a better video card solution.  I'm now leaning towards the Dell.  The only thing is, I really like the Thinkpad keyboard and solid construction.  Back and forth on this one.

Main difference between the T43 and T42 is that the T43 incorporates Intel's next-gen Centrino platform Sonoma, meaning better performance and theoretically lower battery cost, plus new technologies like PCI-e on the motherboard.

As for ThinkPads, if you want a great deal on one, click on the education link from the IBM mainpage.  Then click on the state of your school or where you live.  Depending on the state you could get an amazing deal.  I'm getting a state-of-the-art T43 for $1500 less than the web price.  As a matter of fact, after calling IBM today I was able to confirm that the laptop is so new that you can't get it from the main website yet, only from a special deal that your school, state, or government business might have arranged.  It'll ship in 40 days because they haven't built them yet, but when it does ship it will have the latest Centrino tech that money can buy right now and for at least the next year.  Specs include 2+ Ghz Pentium M 770, 1GB base RAM, 80GB HD, a/b/g built in, DVD burner included as ultrabay drive, 15" UXGA screen - price is ~$2400 shipped.

I haven't used this, and it's a touch expensive, but this microphone on has good reviews.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Tablet PC's for Law School
« on: April 09, 2005, 05:02:40 PM »
can we keep the cock-swinging to a minimum and try to put something productive on this board?  i mean, can't we all just get along?


Student rate for OneNote is $49 I believe.  Plus, there is a free trial that you can download from MSoft.  I've only been using the trial so far.  Will be the student priced version as soon as my trial expires.

I have several lawyers in my family and I work closely with a whole firm of them each day.  Every one of them has said law school will be challenging.  Frankly, I hope it is.  It would suck for me if it was one big cakewalk and it would diminish my respect for the legal profession if they just handed JDs out like candy.  But they all say that keeping up with the work and maintaining a healthy balance during school will go a long way to easing the pain and making the experience enjoyable.

I wanted to make a point about law school for the $$$$.  It certainly wasn't a factor for me.  My goal is to go into criminal prosecution, and there certainly is not a ton of money in that.  Most prosecutors don't make any money until the become defense lawyers years later, which is not my intention anyway.  So, when picking a school I was generally open to deciding on things like location, student body, academic offerings and the like - not so much worried about school rank or placement opportunities.  Well before I even took my LSATs I had already ruled out several top-tier schools because I just wouldn't want to go to law school with their students or in their environment.  It just wasn't worth it to me.  So I picked what I think is the right school for me and still a good school and, while I don't expect to make lots of $$$$ when I graduate, I do expect to enjoy my time in school for the next 3 years and that means something to me.

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