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Woah! I went to 'decision' on the UVA status checker. There's a 95% chance that it will be a rejection, but at least I'll have some news in the coming days.

Best of luck LegalLady!!

Here's hoping you leave the in at NOWHERE club soon!! ;D

Updated to this point :)

Thanks Starresky!! Such a helpful list. Can't add to it as I'm still in at NOWHERE but at least I'll know what to look out for.

Much Love! ;D


Wed mail has already arrived there in Dublin......

I feel good news on the horizon, or across the ocean, which ever way you want to look at it.

Thanks Robocop!

This morning's mail has already arrived here in Dublin - unfortunately for me there was no good news, or bad news for that matter! It also takes over a week for any mail from the US to get here so I guess I'm in for the long haul.

Any news on your side of the pond? Sending best wishes your way :-*

Another rainy day in Dublin and guess what... yep still in at NOWHERE!!!  :'(

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Pending... pending... pending!
« on: April 05, 2005, 06:44:36 PM »

but i applied really late so it was expected... :-\

You poor thing!! I have 4 still pending and 2 waitlists. On a positive note, at least you're not in the 'in at NOWHERE club' like my good self!!

:-\ :-\ im still in at NOWHERE!! ...with 4 schools pending... :-[ :-[

No news for me yet either.... with 3 schools to go!  I'm strongly considering giving up for this year and starting over fresh next cycle.   :'(

No guys NOOOOOO!! No quitters at the in at NOWHERE club. We're all in this together, like it or not!! :(

checking in since it's been a while.  Still in the subgroup in at nowhere I want to go.  How many people still truly are in at nowhere?  Anyone besides the guy with the Family guy dog avatar (werbz I think, too lazy to look up his name) that truly is in at nowhere still?

I am truly in at NOWHERE, truly!! Much as I hate to admit it!! Any day now, any day now...

I'm also on the Provisional list. I think it can take up to 48hours for them to email you back acknowledgement of receipt of the online form - give it until Wednesday and if you still haven't heard anything I'd call them.

BU rejected me in record time. We should burn our BU rejection letters in effigy. Don't you love how they phrased their rejection? "We're sorry, but we can't let you into law school. Be assured that we reached this decision after a thorough review of your credentials." In other words, "trust us, you REALLY DO suck."

I know, the letter was awful. Bad enough getting a rejection letter without having to read that! Not my idea of a good start to the week.


How much Guinness has he had by the time he makes it to your place?

LOL! Clearly not enough to deal with the abuse I give him!!

BREAKING NEWS: another rejection letter just arrived - god damn it!! BU now joining my ever-growing hate-list of law schools!

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