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Incoming 1Ls / Re: To Ladies who (eventually) want to have babies...
« on: April 05, 2005, 12:57:01 AM »
It's good to know that other women have given this a lot of thought as well (I thought I was being my overly-planning self).  I am very young right now (20) and am graduating college early, so I can get a head start on law school, and therefore a head start on my career and family.  I really have one of those inner-conflicts of wanting to be a mom that is around a lot for my kids and still wanting to be successful in my career.  For now my goal is to start work at 24, work for a few years, and then take off for a few years while I pop out a bunch of babies at once.  Maybe during that time work PT or get my PhD or something so I can teach sociology or something at the undergrad level.  All of my profs say how great it is to teach because no other job can offer such a great work schedule.  Or from a conversation in class today between my prof and a student:
Prof: "Well, I've been really busy lately.  On Friday I had a meeting that lasted until 5:30"
Student: "So basically you just had to work a full day like everyone else?"

Ok, now after reading all of that, maybe I am just being my overly-planning self.  I'm a little obsessive over these things.

How exciting-- this is my first post, as well! 
Anyway, I have just been accepted to SLU and am quite happy!  I was just wondering what information you received in your acceptance letter packet.  I only received two sheets of paper: one letter saying I am accepted and another saying that I am a full-time student.  I didn't receive any info on visiting days or scholarships (which sadly must mean that I didn't get a scholarship... but one can dream!) or anything else.  When did you receive your acceptance because I do find it strange that I didn't even get info about the visiting day, but I guess that since I got it so late, I kind of missed out on a lot of the fun stuff!  :)  I just felt like my packet was pretty empty compared to other acceptance letters I have received.
Also, just out of curiosity, did you get a scholarship?  I was kind of expecting just a little one since I got $10,000/yr at Gonzaga.  If you did, what were your numbers?
Thanks so much for your help and hopefully I will be seeing you next year at SLU!

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