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It's likely to be called different things at different offices, but if you explain your situation the Financial Aid office will know what you need. It is not a federal form. I am WL at a public school...FAFSA was the only required form.

If you're inbred (same institution for different degree levels) aren't you already a Blue Devil?  I would keep those kind of references out of it...sounds a little on the immature side.

I'm split on mentioning the other school...BC is a good school with a good rep...but it's not like Duke will be stealing someone from a T10 school.  They could very well think...well, he got in someplace, lets give our spot to someone who is still waiting...

And if Mr. Shields wrote you the waitlist letter, I'd address it directly to him.

My 2 cents...

of course, DON'T call too often, and ALWAYS be polite and professional. 

Be don't want them to know you for the wrong reasons (like being a pain in the ass).  Calling everyday-definitely excessive.  Once a week might be bordering on too much.  But twice a month, or after important things like seat deposit deadlines, etc....okay.

Haven't gotten that far in my thinking yet, but I think that either calling or emailing and just asking: I am writing/calling to check on the status of the waitlist-I am still interested in attending your school-is there any update? Here's the best way I can be contacted.... If you are going to be out of town, letting them know how you can be reached at that point. Reiterate your intention to matriculate if given the opportunity...  I think all of that would be fine.  My understanding is that they update your file with each contact, even if it is just to call and check on the status (of course, DON'T call too often, and ALWAYS be polite and professional.  You might wait until June/July to start making further contacts since that is when the waitlists usually open up.  But your original letter of intent- I think that you should definitely do that.

An aside...I also checked with my financial aid office, because I need to do an 'expected student income' addendum (because my FAFSA is based on full-time employment, and I will be leaving that employment to attend school full time, so they adjust your EFC accordingly).  They said that because I'm waitlisted, I could go ahead and complete this form (normally only admits should)...because things can "move very quickly with the waitlists, and that way we could have your package ready to go should you get the offer". 

Some may call all this wishful thinking...I prefer to think of it as 'build it and they will come' kind of preparation.  I know that if the call does come, I need to be ready to scramble, and since my preparation is the only thing I can control...well, I'm sure we all feel the same on that one!

Answering my own question...

Rejection, dated April 1.

Holding out on UNC waitlist...

Since I've been waitlisted, I'd like to think that I've become a bit of an expert on this topic (mostly because I'm obsessively reading everything about waitlists I can get my hands on!).  Anyway, most schools require that you confirm that you want to be ON thier waitlist, so you have to respond anyway.  Mine had a form I had to fill out, so I took the opportunity to send an updated resume addendum (showing awards and honors that I left off my original resume (they were in college, which was 10+ years ago, so I had focused on my work achievements in my original application), and a letter of interest.  I also have another recommendation headed there way, that is due to arrive right after the seat deposit deadline. 

Other than my original phonecall, which was to ask whether the new recommendation could be sent directly to them rather than through LSDAS, I have not called.  I will check in with them every two weeks or so throughout the summer however, either through phone calls or letters.

As one source I read said...if they have to open the waitlist, they don't want to make 10 calls to get one yes...they want the first one they call to say yes.  It doesn't hurt to keep reminding them that you will say yes, if you are serious about going there.

I'll let you know if any of this was successful.

Just wondering if Duke has made most of thier decisions by now?  I am still pending and am curious if there have been any acceptances lately, or if most people now are being WLed or rejected?


Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: accepted to UNC
« on: April 01, 2005, 10:28:14 AM »
whew...and so it begins....


Hope people update lsn or this board when they get thier calls-seems like there are still an awful lot of anxious people out there!

Good luck!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: What's the deal with UNC??
« on: March 30, 2005, 11:26:23 AM »
Well, I'm waitlisted, but good luck to everyone else that is still pending-hope for your sakes you get that call on Friday (and then I hope for my sake you decide to go elsewhere...hee hee)  ;D

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