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I disagree.  Think about it:  who really does most of the hiring in the legal field?  Once you get beyond the actual on campus recruitment (and even here the diff in on-campus recruiting is so minimal it hardly matters) there is NO diff between Vanderbilt and Tulane.  Older men in the legal field (esp in the South) put Vandy, Tulane and Emory in the same boat and on the same level, period.  I know from pracical experience.  These people don't sit and obsess over rankings the way we do,. They'll notice if you made law review.  They'll notice if you made order of the coif.  they won't sit with the most current US news and see who's where.  Tulane jumped 15 places this yr in the rankings.  think anyone in the real legal world ever noticed it even went down?  No. You can tell me the vandy grad gets the job over the  tulane grad till you're blue in the face, but it just won't happen anywhere outside of Nashville....

for a school ranked outside the top 25, I've heard that Tulane has a national rep.  They actually place better than Vandy in NYC...

God that sounds like a reality show waiting to happen.  Is there a grading curve in the class?  "50 students vying for a shot at Law School....only a few will make it...tune in next week for 'Law School Survivor." 
  Seriously, I'd love a shot like that at a reach school.  I think more schools should do it.  What have you got to lose? Go for it, see how hard you can push yourself....

uhh, yeah dude, you got a couple decent acceptances for yourself there to Vandy and a few others, but with a 165 when Wash and Lee's median is a 164, is a WL for you really a "joke"?  I understand that your ego is damaged, but Wash and Lee is a small school and supposedly has a kick-ass program.  You say: "As if I'd go there anyway" ; you sound like a 16 yr old girl who just got turned down by a guy she asked to go to the prom with her.  No offense to you, but maybe Wash and Lee takes maturity more into consideration than some????

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Washington and Lee Waitlist
« on: March 28, 2005, 10:09:11 PM »
hmmm...if you look on LSN on wash and lee for last yr, it looks like they ended up taking a sh-t load of WL people.  Think they corrected that mistake this yr or the same will happen??

Hey Homer,
  did you go to one of the accepted days few weeks back?? I thought it was great.  I knew there was no way in hell they were staying ranked at 56, that was just a fluke yr.  I'm definitely going to Tulane now, even if I get off one of the 6 WLs I'm on.  with Tulane's jump to 41 and Emory's fall to 32, suddenly fighting to get off of Emory's WL just doesn't seem so impt...3 yrs in New Orleans at a tier one school?  One could do worse, even w. a 165.  Tulane will crack the top 30 the next 4 yrs.....

I've actually heard the same thing.  I think it will be reflected when the new rankings come out in mid-April, I think right now it's just been leaked, but yeah, I have it on good authority that this is the case.......

  My hope is that maybe these places are just waiting to see if apps like us don't bomb in senior yr?? Have you sent your senior fall grades yet (assuming you're still in school)?  Do you know how long LSAC will take to process new grades, or should one just send the grades directly to the school??

  BTW- does anyone else have 6 or more T1 wait lists?  Or have I earned the dubious distinction of champion in this regard?  Please, tell me I'm not the BIGGEST WL moron out there, please...though I have the sneaking suspicion that I am (& its well-deserved  :'(  )..

p.s.-  if you all hurry, you can get them before they close tonight @ 8 pm EST (remember they're on pacific time)...

Some news to brighten everyone's day:  if you, too, would like to learn that "unfortunately, Boalt Hall is unable to offer you a place in next yrs class," just call and furnish your name and SS number.  They'll give you the good news if they've decided...or, you can just wait for your letter...

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