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That's pretty much what the admissions officer told me today--they were waiting to see who would be withdrawing and what not.   :-\

I guess call to the Dean won't help very much at this point.

Dual degree...MA in Psychology/JD

OK...I need some advice.

I actually went to the law school today and talked with an admissions officer.  I actually saw the dean of admissions in passing, but I didn't get the chance to introduce myself and talk to him.   :-[

Did I just screw up my chances because I didn't talk to him?  I had a 15/20min conversation with the admissions officer, who basically told me that there was nothing they could determine on my application before classes start in June.  UGH!!!  He did say that I seemed pretty set on what I wanted to do in regard to obtaining both degrees...I guess that's a plus.  I wonder how the visit, with NO conversation with the dean, will affect my application.  Any words of encouragement?  Should I call the dean?  (I did stick out because I was dressed up and not looking tired and stressed out like the students taking their exams.)

Wow!  That's pretty big.  I know that helped you out a lot.  I'm thinking about visiting the school early next week (which is a bit much because I have finals going on now).  Did you tour the law school or just stop by the admissions office?  (I'm sorry if I'm being a pest, but I'm just trying to get all of the information that I can.)

Did you ever talk to anyone in the admissions office (before you got the phone call offering you the spot)?  (The dean or someone like that...)

Well, a new essay is what I'll have to send them then!  Thanks for the input.  I don't know if that'll increase my chances, but it couldn't hurt.  How long was your essay?  And did you JUST talk about how you wanted to go there or was it like a "new" personal statement?

Did you send any extra essays?  I've sent extra recommendations and a continued letter of interest.  I'm a little afraid to call them to see if there have been any spaces because I don't want to be a pest.  (I haven't contacted them in about two weeks though.)  I'm thinking about calling after the May 1 seat deposit deadline. 

WOW!!!  Congrats!!! 

That's real big!  So, are you going to take them up on their offer?

Oh yeah...did you send any updates?  Were you on the "priority waitlist?"  (I know there was a discussion up here before about the different lists for the dual degree programs.  What program were you accepted into in addition to the JD program?  Did you get an email, letter, or phone call?

Yeah, I realized that after I checked the dates.   :P

Larson, did you make it into the joint degree program?

Good luck!

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