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Loyola's financial aid made an error on my fafsa and they were super delayed in processing it, they just finished completing it march 18th.  i asked them if this would affect my chances at a schaolrship and they said no.  But since we bascially have the same numbers, i guess my likelihhod isnt great at getting one, altho i have seen on lsn people with our numbers getting full rides.  So are u gonna write a letter or call someone?  What is your approach going to be?

Yeah, they were on spring break last week, cuz i kept trying to call them about scholarship info and it kept ringing.  but they didnt even have anything about them being closed on their answering machine message, i had to look on their website.  But i would give them a call, i visited there a few weeks ago and everyone seemed really nice.

Yeah, i am in at loyola but still waiting on scholarship information from them.  That will definitely have a large affect on my decision, im hoping to hear something from them this week.  Has your status changed to decision on their website yet?

Which other ones that you are waiting for would you consider vs hastings?

I am personally torn right now, i liked Loyola, the actual campus and the people there and i know several people who went there and it is looked really strongly upon out here  in Los Angeles.  I am going down to San Diego to see the school next week, i really love San Diego (i did my undergrad at UCSD) and ive talked to a few people who said that it is very laid back legal community down there, very tight knit as well.  I love SF and havent had a chance to visit the actual campus yet, altho i am not sure i would want to end up in San Frnacisco and i have a friend who just graduated Hastings and it took here a while to find work down here since all of her connections were up there.  So anyway, i dont know, if i do get into hastings it will just make my decision more difficult

Yeah, i agree with sakura, i bet you will get in ambs.  We have the same exact numbers and your ps sounded way more interesting and inspiring than mine, i bet your acceptance letter gets sent out this week sometime, maybe they didnt update everyone on the website yet.

Yeah, good luck to everyone.  Yeah, you and i have the same stast as well ambs, so hopefully i will have good news to pass on to you.  So if everyone gets in, is Hastings your first choice?

hehe.  Odd timing, eh?  Maybe its a good sign that the decision day is today, they couldn't possibly reject someone on Easter could they? Good luck Jtho Jules, hope we wont have to wait the full 10 days.  And to everyone else, hang in there

Hey all.

I have been checking Hastings the whole weekend too and the status check was down.  I just checked it now and it is back up and said decision with a status date of today.  Thats weird, Easter sunday and they are working and updating their site.  Anyway, for all others waiting for Hastings, you might want to take a look.

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