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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Loyola - Los Angeles
« on: March 29, 2005, 01:54:49 PM »
yeah, the undergrad gym would take you quite a long time to get to, during peak traffic times (which i guess is all the time in LA) i would say it would be at least an hour from the law campus. yeah, my tour guide there are bar review nights every thursday and sometimes professors stop by and have a beer or two.  As for getting home ASAp,I would assume if classes end around 4, unless they are going to the library, people would probably try to get out of there soon to miss the bulk of the traffic, because that is wehn it really starts to get bad.  But from what ive heard, there are several students who actually live in studios walking distance from campus so I guess it depends where u live

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Not studying 2nd time around
« on: March 29, 2005, 12:12:34 PM »
For me the second time i took it I just took a few prep tests as opposed to taking a class and studying excessiveley for the first one.  i agree with others that i was fresher the second time, i still definitely reccomend taking a decent amount of practice tests in the few weeks b4 the LSAT.  I improved my score 8 points the 2nd time

Where should I go next fall? / Re: W&L
« on: March 28, 2005, 09:39:19 PM »
Yeah i got waitlisted today as well.  Im not going either, i will contact them tomorrow to withdraw from it

Oh and also for loyola i think that they said they offer good discounts on train passes.  They ven said that someone last year commuted from San Diego to Loyola, which is absolutely crazy

Ambs, i checked my status around 7 or 8 pm last night.  It was down the whole weekend, even earlier in the day on Sunday.  hope that helps

What school would it be, loyola?  Im thinking about doing the same thing if I go there, my folks live in ventura county.  I think its probably pretty feasible with the train with loyola, there is a metrolink station close to the campus and there is a free shuttle that goes from the campus back and forth to the train station, so it would be pretty conveneient.  Plus, i guess u can study on the train insated of dealing with LA traffic.  i definitely wouldnt recommend driving


Yeah, i think that my tour was like Tuesday the 15th.  I know we didnt have the same tour guide because i had a guy and sat in on a civ pro class, but you may have been in the group that originally met in the admissions office and then in the courtroom while the assistant dean gave his welcome.  Yeah i was very impressed with USD, i went to the LA alumni thing last week and i came away with a good vibe from them.  Plus, im the same way, yeah its nice to go to a high ranked school, but its kinda where u want to end up and i went to undergad at UCSD and I love San Diego and would love to end up there.  I still havent toured the campus yet, but i went there once to take my LSAT back in 2000 and it is obviously in a much nicer area than Loyola.  Have you applied yet for on campus housing.  i was thinking about that, but it is kinda pricey and San Diego doesnt really have the same traffic issues as LA.  Thats funny about your dad going, i insisted on flying solo on this one, but im sure u wont be the only one with the folks there.  And as long as he has the gag order, lol, no worries


I read your review for visiting loyola, it sounds like we may have been on the same tour, back in the middle of March.  Are you going to the USD admit day next Monday?  What are u leaning towards on the schools u have gotten into so far?

Yeah, Sonel was the person I met at Loyola, he is very friendly.  Yeah, it sounds like unfortunately with Hastings you have to just be patient as their admissions office doesnt appear to be super accomodating.  When is their seat deposit date, Hastings?

Yeah, I hear ya.  It makes a big difference for me as well, i got some money at San Diego, so i am hoping maybe they could at least match thta, since Loyola and USD are so close to each other and im sure are competitors for similar students. The guy who signed your lettere, if he was the same one who signed mine, kinda a long name that i cannot remember, i met him a few weeks ago and he was super nice, good luck.  Maybe now that they are back in session you can get hold of him this week.  let me know if you have any luck

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