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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: $$ At Loyola (Los Angeles)
« on: April 01, 2005, 10:16:29 AM »
Yeah, i am still waiting for my fin aid letter as well, but for me its leaning toward usd also unless Loyola comes up big.  Q, i guess i will see you on monday, did u finish your HW?

Thanks for the concern sillymia.  Nothing in the mail today, im pretty surprised being that i live in LA.  Im flying to Vegas tomorrow early afternoon so i won't be able to check my mail till i get back Sunday, so I'll let everyone know what the decision was.  Congrats carpe and im sorry to hear that too Sakura.  Good luck if you decide to stay on the waitlist

Yeah, i assume i will get the letter today and be waitlisted, but yeah, so far no word

No prob sunset.  i will post a full report Monday night

yeah its an interesting case, im just surprised.  So i guess the classes that we sit in on are just for the admitted students?  I wonder if we are gonna get an early crash course on the Socratic method

This was posted by dumbme on a USD board re job prospects at USD.  Hope it helps some.

"I know 8 people that are graduation from USD this spring and all of them already have jobs lined up, most are from their summer jobs. None are going into "big law" but I would say the average salary for them is about 75,000. Five will be working in San Diego, two in the OC, and one in Sacramento (staff counsel for a California interest group). My mom is an attorney in San Diego and I've worked in various law offices and I would say that probably 60% of the attorneys in these firms are from USD. Then there is about 20% from TJ and Cal Western and the rest from various other firms. In general, I do not see a lot of competition from USC, Loyola, or UCLA in San Diego. The majority of non-San Diego schools represented here in San Diego are from the T-14. From the people that I know that USD, there isn't a lot of desperation in finding a job. They've told me that career services was helpful in finding summer jobs and most of their summer jobs have turned into associate offers."

Yeah, im wondering about the market and job opportunuites as well.  Mahnoneit, have u looked at the USD page in the specific school section.  A few posters shed a little light on this.  hey anyone else going to the admit day on Monday?  I just got an email from USD with my homework for the simulated class that day.  Wow, i knew they satrted you off fast in law school but I didnt think there would be case reading before admit day

University of San Diego- April 1
Univeristy of Indiana/Bloomington- April 17
Pepperdine University- April 15
Southwestern Univeristy- April 1

I would definitely consider san francisco, right now i am trying to focus on the schools i ahev gotten admitted too, and i have narrowed that down to Loyola or San Diego.  I figure if i get into any other schools, then my decision will get more complicated.  Right now i am kinda divided, altho leaning more towards San Diego cuz i like the city a lot better.  have u visited the Hastings campus yet?

Thanks for the info sunset. I am going down there on Monday for admit day, it says something in the email about sitting in on "simulated classes" whatever that means.  im also really curious about career services, that is my major concern about USD is how big the San Diego legal market is

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