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most school track this kind of basic data.
when i did admissions undergrad years ago we did this weekly--to determine how our year was going. we also tracked where apps came from (which hs) and what the SATs determine who was applying and from where.
call any law school admissions office and talk to an official...not a secretary--chances are they'll know how far up or down they are and the relative stats this year to last.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Brooklyn v. Cardozo
« on: January 09, 2006, 01:39:18 AM »
alan dershowitz, in one of his books, once responded to the harvard vs yale question as one of practical (harvard) vs theory (yale) "..and at the end of the day, the harvard student solves your problem for you."

Guess what? No-one trashes harvard as a vocational school...and most cardozo students practice rule-driven law, not theory, so get off your high horse abourt cardozo as some  city on a hill ethereal law school.
It is not.

As to Cousin Vinny, if you'd pay attention (ADD anyone?) you'd hear that he attended a (fictional)brooklyn ACADEMY  of law. Then again, youve probably eliminated harvard as a quality school after legally blond 1 and 2 came out...

not sure what youre complaining about...the app has a checklist..and deans certif listed there. if you want to get into law school and succeeed, ya gotta read the rules...

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