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I'm leaning towards Brooklyn.. It would be fun to live in NYC..  I'm from Miami and I did my undergraduate in DC.. so Brooklyn would be a refreshing new change.. I applied to the part-time program though (Why?, I have no clue).. so I guess I would have to get a job.. or maybe just see if i can start in the full-time program instead.. I leave for NYC tomorrow and will attend Brooklyn events for Admitted students on Monday.. I should have a better idea then..

Miami is my second choice (I think).. I mean its convenient.. I wouldnt have to move and I know my way around here.. and you cant beat this weather.. and all my friends are here.. HmMM..

I'm still waiting on GW.. anybody else?? I called and they said I should have a response by April 1st.. if I get in there (i doubt it), i'll have to go.. it would really be silly not to.. I wish they would send me something.. even if just a rejection letter..

Anyhow.. just needed to vent.. I think, eat, sleep, shower, @#!* with thoughts of law school on my mind.. anybody feel the same?

Miami is April 15th

Brooklyn is April 1st

Incoming 1Ls / Re: American notification?
« on: March 22, 2005, 05:14:36 PM »
I got a package in the mail and three days later an e-mail.. so no..

my friend absolutely loves it there.. she wants to be a prosecutor and during her first summer she interned at the DA's office and is currently working there now..

I'm not so much interested in criminal law.. so that doesnt help *ME* much..

I'll find out more from her friends and stuff when I go.. there's some party on Saturday night or something.. hehe..

I'm flyign up from Miami to attend the Monday event for admitted students.. my best friend from undergrad is a 2L there.. so I may just go with her to classes and attend SOME but not all of Monday's events..

I'm not sure if i want to go there.. but it's between Brooklyn, American and Univ. of Miami right now.. no faves just yet..

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