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General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Miami Law Day
« on: March 29, 2005, 11:01:58 AM »
i'll be there on Friday.. and i'm a truly undecided person.. so they better impress me.. ;)

I live in Miami. but for some reason i've never been to the UM campus.. i'm nervously excited..


I called yesterday though.. I have been complete since 2/2.. she said i would have a response by April 1st and that everybody will have a response by April 15th... they do email acceptances, so at least if you got in you wont have to wait for a letter by snail mail.. if it takes too long.. it wont be good.. i'm so anxious.. this whole process is so stressing.. i swear its the only thing i think about.. my friends are sick of me talking about it..

Well DC is great.. especially when studying Law obviously.. I was actually trying to explain DC to my boyfriend last night cause he's never been there either.. its definately not Miami and not New York (never been to Chicago.. so i dunno bout that).. but its a small world of everythign.. tons of museums, tons of arts, tons of cultural things to do.. and most are free.. so thats nice as a poor college kid.. when Spring rolls around its BEAUTIFUL.. you can pack up a blanket and go study in the Mall.. or go fly a kite or do something lame and silly just to celebrate that the yucky cold weather is gone.. the bar club scence is varied.. and Adams Morgan is an aweosme area.. yeah, i like it

I have hesitations about American because its so out of the way from all this.. yeah you can take the metro downtown.. but thats a pain, and for somebody as lazy as me, I prefer to live in an area where its happening.. American might as well be suburban Maryland.. actually their graduate/law dorms ARE in Bethesda, Maryland.. i cant stand suburbia.. and thats why i'm leaning towards Brooklyn.. or Miami... now if I got into GW by some struck of luck, then DC is it.. their campus is downtown and in the midst of it all..

Good luck! You going to Brooklyn's Open House on Monday? I'm excited to go check it out..

check this guy out.. he applied to 74 schools.. and his profile is HILARIOUS..

with his story..  ya really cant blame him..

Wait List / Re: Hold at Case Western
« on: March 24, 2005, 01:07:29 PM »
I got the same Hold letter yesterday.. i just sent them an email withdrawing my application.. i hope that helps some of you out..  ???

I'm leaning towards Brooklyn.. It would be fun to live in NYC..  I'm from Miami and I did my undergraduate in DC.. so Brooklyn would be a refreshing new change.. I applied to the part-time program though (Why?, I have no clue).. so I guess I would have to get a job.. or maybe just see if i can start in the full-time program instead.. I leave for NYC tomorrow and will attend Brooklyn events for Admitted students on Monday.. I should have a better idea then..

Miami is my second choice (I think).. I mean its convenient.. I wouldnt have to move and I know my way around here.. and you cant beat this weather.. and all my friends are here.. HmMM..

I'm still waiting on GW.. anybody else?? I called and they said I should have a response by April 1st.. if I get in there (i doubt it), i'll have to go.. it would really be silly not to.. I wish they would send me something.. even if just a rejection letter..

Anyhow.. just needed to vent.. I think, eat, sleep, shower, @#!* with thoughts of law school on my mind.. anybody feel the same?

Miami is April 15th

Brooklyn is April 1st

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: American notification?
« on: March 22, 2005, 08:14:36 PM »
I got a package in the mail and three days later an e-mail.. so no..

my friend absolutely loves it there.. she wants to be a prosecutor and during her first summer she interned at the DA's office and is currently working there now..

I'm not so much interested in criminal law.. so that doesnt help *ME* much..

I'll find out more from her friends and stuff when I go.. there's some party on Saturday night or something.. hehe..

I'm flyign up from Miami to attend the Monday event for admitted students.. my best friend from undergrad is a 2L there.. so I may just go with her to classes and attend SOME but not all of Monday's events..

I'm not sure if i want to go there.. but it's between Brooklyn, American and Univ. of Miami right now.. no faves just yet..

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