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i know!! Wegmans was my deciding factor in deciding to go to syracuse.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Off the Wash U WL
« on: May 02, 2005, 05:10:46 PM »
wow. i'm really hoping to get off the wash u waitlist. I hope this is a good sign that thye're using the WL alot this year!

There doesn;t seem to be much around the school but there is an area of restaurants and bars and stuff.  Then you can hop on the highway and there's a huge mall and like normal restuarants nad stuff just one exit away in Dewitt. Plus the food shopping is done at Wegmans which is the best store! I don't know much about the city of syracuse tho cause I didn't really see anything there.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Syracuse Admitted Students Day
« on: April 30, 2005, 09:21:52 AM »
Ok. So .I just got back from visiting Syracuse yesterday.  I know alot of peeps have been recently accepted so this should help a bit :)  As of right now unless I get off the waitlists from my dream schools or get a response from villanova, I am going to go to Syracuse over Penn State Dickinson...however, it's not perfect there are some concerns.  Ok so here it goes.

I was totally impressed with the schools facilites. I probalby want to do IP law, but I was a science major (and got a master in biomed science) and they have a whole SUNTEC center set up for law technology and science and a program called law, science, and technolgy that just got a million dollar donation. Theyt also have a science and tech. law journal that you have to be top 15% of the class to get in.  The library seems really nice with four floors and the classroom I sat in on a class at was up to date and modern and just how you would picture a classroom to be (I was diaspointed with dickinson's classrooms seemed old and dingy).  The other prospective studens and current students were awesome. They seemed to be on the same level intellectually and were from decent undergrads and well -rounded. The current students bent over backwards to help yo.  The campus was really nice and has a little "Corner" of bars and stores and the law school is right next to the dome..whcih from me I am quite psyced to get to see some real bball and football since I went to div. 3 college.  I am also jJewish and it being passover and at the lunchesa nd breakfast having them consider that and having matzah and other stuff impressed me as well (but that's just me :) )
Ok. things I am somewhat worried about.  The class I sat in on had an awesome professor. It was health law with prof. Bell. Howver, he was the only professor I came inc ontact with so I feel as if I didn't get to get a feeling for the profs. Whenever I asked someone abotu the prof and the aloof rep. the student kinda stared and me and i kept getting the same resonse "some are good some are bad"  Also when asked about th grad curve they had recently just changed it and have a C grad curve for the firs tyears and a B grade curve for the 2nd two yeras.  The students were not aware of this but one of htem asked the dean who seemed like a "B" and she said that to me in a sorta mean tone.  I didn't like her at all!! Howeve, with all the problems with her it was sorta hush hush mentioned that she might be leaving.  I was worried i would be stuck in NY state but anyone who is worried about that don't be. Most poeple I talked to told me they know lots of people that graduated from there nad odn't work in NY. And they have alot of alumni in DC, NYC, and actually california (which I know another poster is from ..sbut sorry i can't remembver the name of who it was :) )  Anyway, typically alot of students come form california nad minnesota so they hve alot of alumni that go back there.  And i know it's werid, but i realliy think that their bball reputation will make it easier to get a job then some other schools of the same ranking level.. but maybe i'm just hoping. anyway if you have any specific questoin you can PM me or post it here and i'll try to answer. overall I def. l.iked the studetns tho and it seemed like a great social life and bond is there... but I do have a cousin tha goes there and he says expect B's and C's as teh typical grades.. which seems sucky.. but this kinda seems like how law schools are. 

wow. Kilroy. I'm surprised I didn't find this thread sooner. I had the exact one a few weeks ago. i am deciding between syracuse and dickinson as well. however, i just got back from visitng syracuse and i'm def. leaning towards them. I am going to put a post in the visits and reviews section if youw ant to read that. otherwise, pm me if you have any questions specifically about stuff.  I think syracuse seemed a little bit more professional student and professor wise.  but i do hvae some concerns whihc i will mention in that other post.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Syracuse
« on: April 30, 2005, 08:57:23 AM »
I just got back from visiting syracuse yestrerday. i am going to put up a thread in the visit section so you can go over there to read it if ya want ;)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Villanova Waitlist
« on: April 27, 2005, 12:38:47 PM »
Well all this talk got me anxious so I called the admisson office. They said i'm STIL in committee and it shouldn't be long.  This is since October.  Is this a bad or good sign?? Or is this code for rejection?

My numbers are around the same as yours (a tad higher lsat) and I was a  Bio najor too.    I havent' heard from Villanova.. how did you find out about the waitlist? Did you call.  That sucks about chapman. I think you should call them up and ask why.  That seems odd.  It's hard being a bio major becuase it doenst matter what major you were they only look at the numbers making it frustrating.  I am finishing my masters in biomed science right now with a higher gpa and that's not even helping. Luckily I got into some place that I think I can live with but it wasn't my top choice at all.  .i'm sorry. good luck.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Movement at Miami
« on: April 27, 2005, 08:42:07 AM »
TAke me!! Take me!!!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Villanova Waitlist
« on: April 26, 2005, 06:07:14 PM »
I called two weeks ago and they told me I would hear by the end of the month. The end of the month is this week. I wonder if I called again if now they'll say wait another month. hmm...

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